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<ol><li> 1. Building Your Executive Presence Online Presented by Lisa Peyton, June 16, 2015 Lisa.Peyton@gmail.com | lisapeyton.com | @LisaPeyton </li><li> 2. What well cover About Me About You Why online? 6 questions to ask before you get started Q&amp;A @LisaPeyton </li><li> 3. 10 years experience in digital Teacher Mentor Speaker Writer and Blogger Social Media Strategist Executive Social Media Coach Student Proud Dog Owner @LisaPeyton </li><li> 4. What I know about you @LisaPeyton Want to learn more about social media BUSY professional women Do I even have time for social media? Whats the value? What will I say on social media? I dont know enough to get started. Overwhelmed by all the options! I dont have a strategy or plan for social media. Other challenges? </li><li> 5. Go from this @LisaPeyton </li><li> 6. To this @LisaPeyton </li><li> 7. Leave feeling: @LisaPeyton Confident Inspired Hopeful Heroic Supported! </li><li> 8. Why Online @LisaPeyton People ARE looking for you online 97% of consumers use online media* BEFORE buying products and services Employers, prospects, clients, colleagues, friends, blind dates, neighbors ARE GooglingYOU *http://www.biakelsey.com/company/press-releases/100310-nearly-all-consumers-now-use-online-media-to-shop-locally.asp </li><li> 9. FindThis @LisaPeyton </li><li> 10. Might as well do this @LisaPeyton </li><li> 11. 6 Questions to Ask BeforeYou Get Started@LisaPeyton </li><li> 12. 1) What is your current digital footprint?@LisaPeyton Go to the Google AdWords Preview Tool: https://adwords.google.com/d/AdPr eview/ Google Variations of your name and/or your company name. Are you on the first page? Are all results positive? Record your results for future reference. </li><li> 13. 2) What is your objective? @LisaPeyton 1st meeting with JD What do you hope to achieve? How does this serve your overall business objective? Is it measurable and time sensitive? SOCIAL IS NOT A SALES CHANNEL Expression Engine </li><li> 14. 3) Who is your audience? @LisaPeyton Who are you trying to reach? Who influences your target audience? Demographics Psychographics Behaviors Needs and Goals Pain Points </li><li> 15. 4) What do they need? @LisaPeyton Social media is about listening Spend time learning about your audience by reading their social media posts Comment, engage generously Put yourself in their shoes </li><li> 16. 5) Which channels? @LisaPeyton Year of living selectively Definition via Wikipedia: Platforms on which people create, share, and/or exchange information and ideas. Hundreds of popular social media platforms Which ones interest you? (P.I.T.s) Which ones house your target audience? Which ones will help you meet your objectives? </li><li> 17. 6) How can you be consistent and accountable? How much time do you have to commit? Create realistic plan based upon available time Consistently engage, post content valuable to your audience DetermineKPIsthatrelatetoyour overall objective Measure weekly/monthly/Quarterly @LisaPeyton </li><li> 18. @LisaPeyton </li><li> 19. Questions? @LisaPeyton Lisa.Peyton@gmail.com | lisapeyton.com | @LisaPeyton </li></ol>