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PowerApps, with great power comes great responsibilityRen Brauwers



PowerApps with great power comes great responsibility

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The business APP gapHow Microsoft tries to fill this gapDemoResponsibilities


PowerApps general introduction, covering:Different versions available (Free, Standard, Enterprise)Differences between these versionsBusiness App innovation gap

Creating a basic powerapp (demo)DesignerLogic FlowsConnectionsExcel like languageList the pros and cons of the current preview version


BUSINESS APP GAPWe are living in a Cloud First, Mobile First world and we are more mobile than ever before.

Business APP GAPConsumer apps are available a plenty, ranging from wine rating apps like vivino; gamified apps such as SWARM, Untapped and so on.

But real business productivity apps are lagging behind,

Off course we have mobile apps which enhance mobile productivity such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, EverNote, OneNote, Skype for business etc.

But where are the real business apps, which unleash the power of the apps available within a enterprise. Unlocking that customer or product information stored in a legacy system somewhere.

So why do we have this gap; Microsoft states it has identified 3 reasons for this, being TALENT, ACCESS AND AGILITY


BUSINESS APP GAPHard to developCross platform developmentKeeping up with technology changesNot enough skilled mobile developers

TALENTHow many of you have tried writing / creating mobile business apps.

Creating mobile apps is hard, as we have to keep up with technology changes or new features. It needs to run on multiple platforms.

Taking this into account and the fact that there are not enough skilled mobile developers, it is not surprising that creating mobile business apps takes up time and thus money.


BUSINESS APP GAPDisparate data sourceDifficult to connect to and consume related data Security & Single Sign onData stored on premise and in the cloud


Data is spanned both on premise as well as in the cloud (stored in SaaS applications), accessing this data and integrating these systems is usually a challenge.


BUSINESS APP GAPApp distribution (deployment)Combining this data Making apps available outside the enterpriseIT Governance

IT agility and app sharing. Mobile app distribution typically happens through app stores, or through mobile device management, governed by IT. This creates inherent friction in getting apps onto employee phones.

Making internal apps available outside the enterprise * Side loading * App stored * Mobile Device Management By the way Microsoft has a very compelling story regarding Mobile Device Management. Real differentiator. But thats a story to tell another time


Microsoft PowerAPPSAn enterprise software service for innovators everywhereto connect, create and share business apps

What are is Microsoft PowerApps?PowerApps is Microsofts answer to address the business app gap it does so by offering a platform including tooling to enable employees, developers, and integrators to create and share mobile business apps

These apps run on virtually any mobile platform, Can connect to disparate data sources both spanning on-prem and cloud in a secure way.

When I first heard of PowerApps / Project Sienna, the first thing which popped up in my mind was Visual Studio Lightswitch.


Microsoft PowerAPPSCreate Mobile business apps with Clicks , not CodeRuns on every deviceExcel like toolingConnects to everywhere, securelyBring your own dataEasy to deploy


Microsoft PowerAPPSTarget audienceIntegration SpecialistsPro DevelopersInformation WorkersBusiness optimisersPower App CreatorsTraditional App (solution) Creators

Lets have a closer look at the PowerApps Target Audience

Information Workers & Business optimisersFamiliar tooling - Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, SharePoint

Slogan : Create Mobile business apps with Clicks , not Code

Pro Developers / Integration Specialist Familiar tooling Visual Studio .Net , Azure Portal. Familiar technology .Net languages, Business Process Modelling, SOA, API design

Slogan : Do more with the things we are already used to


Microsoft PowerAPPSTechnical SkillsInformation WorkersBusiness OptimisersPRO DevelopersIntegratorsWordXXXXPowerPointXXXXExcelXXXXAccess/XXXSharePointXXXXJS, HTML, CSS/XXC#, Objective C, . Net, JavaXXEAI , B2B, ESB etc /X


Microsoft PowerAPPSPower Apps Main ComponentsApp DesignerApp Service EnvironmentLogic Flow Designer


Microsoft PowerAPPSArchitectural overview

Clients connect through APIs, or an existing backend to different cloud and on premise systems.

App Service Environment - Dedicated environment / Shared - Virtual network support for better connectivity and security to on-prem system

Tons of OOB APIs ready to useExpose your OWN API, hosted anywhereAAD AuthenticationAdvanced User/Group based authorisationAPI definition discovery


Microsoft PowerAPPSPower Apps Pricing Tiers

Free & Standardlimited data sources (however using http + swagger, custom API can be called)Enterprise functionality can be mimicked, by being creative (but I doubt it will be cheaper or better)

EnterpriseAnother benefit of a dedicated environment consists of the fact that no limits (throttling, number of messages etc) are imposedGranular security, control APP permission with AAD

Manage all APIs from on-premises to the cloudManage and Monitor API Access


Microsoft PowerAPPSdemoPOWERAPPSApp Designer (UWP)Logic (App) Flow Designer (WEB)Sample Application

Sample ApplicationSubcontractor onboaringCurrent process is in SharePoint, where new contractors are registered.APP to Approve / Reject an onboarding request.SalesForce contractors app which will assign an account id if approved


Microsoft PowerAPPSWith great power comes great responsibilityEAI & HybridAuthorisationAPI / App jungleK.I.S.S

K.I.S.SPowerApps is promising, and most definitely the more basic business apps can be realised fairly fast.

However we need to ask ourselves; do we want to build Complex Business Apps, If so is PowerApps the right platform.

I reckon initially it will be used for the more basic business apps, which dont do more than displaying information and allow non business critical mutations.

Nevertheless, nothing is stopping us to create complex business apps. However, if we do so; just keep in mind that doing it in the right way costs time and money.

If we go down the lane regarding complex business apps. I feel it will be our responsibility to ensure:

AuthorisationLock down CRUD rights

API/APP JungleMore apps / apis almost all the same. Needs some Quality Control in placeEnforce a publish / release policy. Just to check compliance (security, dev standards)

EAI & HybridUse patterns and tools we are familiar with (Service bus)

Based on my initial experience during Ive noticed that PowerApps indeed is very powerful, however special thought needs to be put in regarding access rights (authorisation rules). Make sure that a user does not have too many, nor too less of rights



Microsoft PowerAPPSAdditional resources


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