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<ul><li><p>Positive Cash Flow properties </p><p> What is positive cash flow? Many people may have come across this term but they do not know what it is all about or they generally confuse it and think that positive cash flow is the profit that the company has made but that is not true positive cash flow is not completely the profit the company has made. Positive cash flow is the cash which remains after all the company expenses are paid or can say that the income of the company in a particular month is more than the expense then that is called a positive cash flow. It sounds like profit but generally it is not profit on the whole. Positive cash flow properties are properties that make more income than it would cost if you allow it to remain stagnant. A positive flow property is one of the trends that real estate investors use to utilize the income that their properties could earn. Positive cash flow helps a person to stay in the business without making a dime also. This is a very essential concept and should be learn by all the business men who are trying to set their business this is a great concept and it is very valuable too. </p><p>For more information visit this link: - http://negative2positive.com.au/ </p></li></ul>