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This is a complete guide for students with tips on the entire portfolio review process including how to put together your portfolio.


  • 1. Portfolios Requirements, Reviews & Formats SOJC | Public Relations 2008-2009 1
  • 2. The Portfolio: Requirement Feedback. We ask students to produce professional-caliber material in every public relations course. We have high expectations and a rigorous curriculum. By providing an outlet for regular feedback, critique and assessment, we prepare students for the best, most competitive entry level internships and jobs. We know this is true because through the portfolio review process, we, as faculty, get feedback, too. We know if our students can stand out among the sea of graduates competing in the workplace because we listen, learn and adjust to better respond to a changing landscape. The Review. The public relations portfolio review, looked to by the SOJC and the University of Oregon as a model of assessment, is held at the end of J454: PR Campaigns. Each student meets individually with a panel of professionals (2 or 3 on each panel) to present his or her work. By the time the students get to this review, their portfolio is cumulative. And it likely no longer contains much from early courses as the material is replaced term-by-term with the best classwork, alongside internship and professional work. So where do we start? 2
  • 3. Guidelines: Portfolio General Format: One portfolio that grows, changes and adapts over the course of the students work in the major. Portfolios should be customized for presentations just as cover letters and resumes are. Removable pages create exibility, allow for creativity and customization. Work should (ideally) be a mix of the best class work and pre- professional work in internships, freelance work, etc. Size: 10 x 14 or 11 x 17 to allow for overlapping pages, oversize pieces and marketing collateral showcase. Portfolio/Presentation Case: There is a wide range of options that start at very basic (inexpensive) ones that still function well. Weve provided some suggestions on the nal page of this packet. 3
  • 4. Guidelines: What to Wear The "what do I wear" question always comes up when students are preparing for portfolio reviews. You're expected to dress like you'd dress for an interview. What does that mean? Wear a jacket (men and women). Err on the side of being conservative, but not out of date. Women Minimal (non-distracting) jewlery Go easy on the perfume Carry a briefcase or a nice shoulder bag Closed toe shoes Manicured nails If you're wearing a skirt, you need to wear hosiery Watch your cleavage... this isnt a club hop! Men A tie that you tie (as opposed to a clip-on) Solid color suit Limited jewlery. If you have distracting face piercings, I'd take them out. Watch how much aftershave/body spray you use. The Axe Body Spray commercials are just commercials. Your reviewers won't actually crawl over the desk and want to rip your clothes off if you're wearing a lot. Trim your nails Carry a briefcase or your portfolio 4
  • 5. Best Practices: Portfolio Presentation What are You Excited About?: Highlight material that youre most excited about. That enthusiasm will show! Tell a Story: Be able to use your work to tell a story: what was the problem/ challenge, how did you/your team address it, what was the outcome? Focus on Results: How did you measure results? How *would* you measure results? Dont Apologize or Downplay: You have great experience to show. Be proud of your work! Even the most mundane thing to you might be the most remarkable to your reviewer. Be enthusiastic about every piece you have to show. If youre not, take it out! Highlight Your Teamwork: Be intentional (practice) how to talk about your work as part of team and what your contributions were without overstating and without discounting the work of your teammates. Dont take credit for work you did not do. Be cautious about presenting campaign pieces that you did not contribute to. When in doubt, discuss with your teammates how they intend to present their work and compare notes. Practice!: Think about your personal key messages. What do you want the reviewers to remember about you? You want to have a sense of what you can cover in the time provided. If you run out of time, you might not be able to talk about your favorite pieces. Create a Leave Behind: Choose your two or three favorite pieces, and along with your resume, create a leave behind packet for each reviewer. 5
  • 6. Tricky Portfolio Pieces PR Plan: Show the cover page and a subpage that highlights a particularly interesting part of the plan (or a part you intend to talk about). Have full copies of the plan available in case your reviewers want to see it. Social Media: Think about your on, objective... if its to show participati take screen shots of all your social media sites (profiles, blogs, twitter a streams, etc.) and arrange them on page. If your purpose is to highlight the content, for blog posts, copy & paste the text and the photos of your favorites; provide your podcast or video on a dis k. 6
  • 7. Tricky Portfolio Pieces Special Event: Include fliers or invitations, media coverage, checklist or tasks. Create a one-page overview of event that includes objectives, strategies/tactics and results. Include Photos! ns Presentations: Print small versio of the slides (using the print ste handout option), cut out and pa on paper that fits your portfolio. Think about your purpose & your ers audience when describing to review Related Hobbies: O nly include hobbi es & interests that relate to the job. Be select ive and relate directly to how that experien would help you do ce your job. If your h obby is photography, in clude work exampl and explain how th es ey can contribute to an organization with these skills. 7
  • 8. Favorite Formats Itoya Art Portfolio Tabletop Display Basic starter portfolio. 24 pages with 48 Hands free showing off! Horizontal format views. Less than $10. Pages do not could present challenge, but available in remove and you cannot add additional. various sizes. A larger format would give This is a great place to start for J440 and you enough room to show vertical pages. are available at the UO Bookstore. Available online. Leather Case, Removable Pages Scrapbook/Photo Album A nice option if you want to buy one case and Available in an array of colors and comes in have it last for the duration of the major and 12 x 12. Its important to ensure this format into your rst few jobs. Rings are nice to add looks professional and not scrapbooky. But and remove pages. These are available online. these books are inexpensive and can be done well. You can add and remove pages. These are available for purchase at a craft store or a department store. 8