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  • 1.PLANET EARTH: RAINFORESTSEUROPEAN STUDENTS BUILDING A SUSTAINABLE EUROPEPlanet Earth: RainforestsPractical English : 1st of BachillerTeacher: Conchi Ivorra Pelln

2. PLANET EARTH: RAINFORESTSEUROPEAN STUDENTS BUILDING A SUSTAINABLE EUROPEACTIVITIESVOCABULARY: WORD SEARCH PUZZLE:A BD J F H I L V O Z G J A N H B R P FO IL S P I L L R E M M L O E F A S I LG RE B N E T P A O U D I H G L V R O AR DD A Y F R S T M S T K J A O N D C CE ES G S J I E R E U S I N G O I R E IN CR L O Z O N E L A Y E R G D U O S DH IU O S U N U L W F E N F H S T U T RO FY B R A U O N I D A V S I D R G U AU EM A B I P J A N C R I A D R E H D IS BH L N O M H J T Z B R H A I S T E NE RT W F Y A C R E B L O Z K P C R Y PE UC A Y M A O L U G I N A L E Z A G SF UL R U A S F R T E F M U A L C D F AF LU M I G O L O E C D E C O M P O S EE YL I C A I N O R G A N I C W A S T EC EI N P N C S U I T A T B L E V I Z UT RL G A E S D E F O R E S T A T I O NR EC Y C L I N G A C F O W R T A S T HD CA S D F G H I K M B N M L M V R E IV NE R A I N F O R E S T L I A V U I JU TE A S D N L E U F E N I G N E C B L1.-Find the following words in this word search puzzle and check the meaning inyour language:1.-rubbish 9.-acid rain2.-global warming10.-deforestation3.-recycling 11.-decompose4.-in/organic waste12.-reusing5.-pollution 13.-greenhouse effect6.-ozone layer 14.-rainforest7.-environment 15.-oil spill8.-floods16.-drought 2 3. PLANET EARTH: RAINFORESTSEUROPEAN STUDENTS BUILDING A SUSTAINABLE EUROPE2.-Complete these sentences with a suitable word from the previous exercise:1.-____________________ do not decompose and remain in the environment forhundreds or thousands of years.2.-____________________ is one of the most worrying dangers threatening ourenvironment today.3.-Our society produces tons of ________________every year.4.-Man is continually destroying the forests forwoodand farm land.This_______________ is affecting the worlds climate.5.-Smoke and chemicalsfromcarsand factoriespollute rain.________________damages our natural resources, such as lakes, fish and plants life.6.-Everybody is familiar today with the three Rs: reducing, _____________, and___________________.7.- ______________________includes food, eggshells, cotton, paper and cardboard.8.-Polar ice-caps and glaciers are melting and this will cause serious _______________in coastal areas in the years to come.9.-Tropical ______________ produce 40% of the world oxygen.10.-If we want to protect the ______________ we should stop pouring chemicals intothe sea and rivers.11.-The ________________ is twenty to fifty km above the earths surface.3.- Match the words with the definitions:1.-Recyclea.-making things dirty and /or dangerous2.-droughtb.-the trapping of heat in the atmosphere3.-pollutionc.-material which has been used and is not longer wanted4.-wasted.-a long period with no rain5.-green house effect e.-thick forest of tall trees found in tropical areas6.-global warming f.-change chemically, beginning to rot.7.-rainforest g.-large amount of water covers an area usually dry8.- environment h.-the heating up of the planet9.-decomposei.-the world around us, with people, animals and plants10.- floodj.-making things people have thrown away into somethingelse.3 4. PLANET EARTH: RAINFORESTSEUROPEAN STUDENTS BUILDING A SUSTAINABLE EUROPE4.- SCRAMBLED LETTERSGnoyxeSapc-eicPllislioLetmTrlanau sucerosrevesperremcascheilssesmoisinmudpHseuogeren tecefftsweacylirnecgRUNNING DICTATIONTROPICAL RAINFORESTSThe largest tropical rainforests are situated near the equator in SouthAmerica, Africa and Asia. Hundreds of years ago, rainforests covered 14%of the Earths surface, but today they cover only 6%.The tropical rainforests are in regions with few changes in climate: it iswarm all year round. Plants and trees grow very quickly in theseconditions and they produce 40% of the worlds oxygen.Man in continually destroying the forests for wood and farmland. Thisdeforestation is affecting the worlds climate: about 30% of the carbondioxide released into the air comes from burning down rainforests and isone of the main causes of global warming. If we continue to destroy theworlds rainforests at the present rate, they will disappear within the next40 years. 4 5. PLANET EARTH: RAINFORESTS EUROPEAN STUDENTS BUILDING A SUSTAINABLE EUROPENAME OF THE FILM:DIRECTOR:RELEASE DATE:MAIN CHARACTERS:FILMING LOCATIONS:1-Which words does Pandora makeyou think of?2. PLOT. Complete the story with the following words.Offers Navi invaders pilot Grace Scientists allowed remains concern soldierGraceaim meets savePandora Avatars lifestyle human come backaccepts Earth researchnature return twin-brother customs died mineraldestroychosen planet replace deposit mind scientist HomeTree planethelppreserve war mineralJAKE Sully is a paraplegic (1) ___________________who has just (2) ____________ from(3)_______. His (4) ________________was a (5) _____________but he had (6) ________ a weekbefore, so Jake is (7) ____________ to (8) _____________him in a special scientific program ina new (9) ___________ called (10) _______________ .A group of scientists with (11) __________ as the leader of the group are working in a (12)_____________ study to learn about the native tribes of the place. This researchers teamhave made new creatures which are named (13) ________________. Jake is one of them.They must learn about the (14) ______________of the inhabitants of Pandora and becomeone of them.However, this is not the (15) ______________of the colonel and the mining company workingthere. They want to get a (16) _______________which can be found in Pandora. In fact, themain (17) ____________ (18) _______________ is located under (19) _________________.This group of people (soldiers and members of the company) are decided to (20)_______________everything to achieve it.The colonel (21) ______________Jake an operation for his injured legs if he tells himeverything about the indigenous tribe and he(22) ______________. Nevertheless, when Jake(23) _______________ the people who live in Pandora, their (24) ________________ and their5 6. PLANET EARTH: RAINFORESTS EUROPEAN STUDENTS BUILDING A SUSTAINABLE EUROPE(25) ______________ about (26) _______________and its wildlife, he changes his (27)_____________ and decides to (28) _______________these people to (29)_______________their planet. Jakes friends,(30) _____________,Trudy (the helicopter (31)______________) and two other (32) ________________ help him to defeat the (33)_______________and (34) ______________ Pandora.Jake finally (35) ________________ in Pandora. He is no longer a (36) ____________ beingbut a (37) ______________. People from the (38) ____________ are forced to (39)_______________to their (40)_______________. Only some human beings are (41)_____________ to stay in Pandora.3- After watching the film decide if these sentences are TRUE or FALSEa- Jake Sully rejects the offer of the Colonel.b- Grace and the rest of the scientists dont know about the agreement between Jake and the Colonel.c- The Scientific group want to help the Navi.d- Jake learns to love the Navi after living with them for three months.e- The main mineral deposit is just under the HomeTree where the Navi live.f- People from Pandora think that there is a special link between the earth and all the living creatures.g- Jake doesnt manage to become one of the Navi.h- Everybody is forced to leave Pandora except Jake.i- Eywa is finally destroyed by humans.j- Jake finally decides to come back to the Earth to have an operation on his legs.4- Write a short description of Pandora5- Write a short description of the indigenous tribe which Jake meets6- What is Eywa?7-Which aptitude test must any hunter pass in the native tribe?8- Could you think of a motto which describes the lifestyle of this tribe?6 7. PLANET EARTH: RAINFORESTS EUROPEAN STUDENTS BUILDING A SUSTAINABLE EUROPERESEARCHING: INDIVIDUAL OR PAIR WORKIntroducctionRainforests are the Earths oldest living ecosystems. These incredible places cover only 6 %ofthe Earths surface but yet they contain MORE THAN 1/2 of the worlds plant and animalspecies!A Rainforest can be described as a tall, dense jungle. The reason it iscalled a "rain" forest is because of the high amount of rainfall it getsper year. The climate of a rain forest is very hot and humid so theanimals and plants that exist there must learn to adapt to thisclimateAs many as 30 million species of plants and animals live in tropicalrainforests.At least two-thirds of the worlds plant species, including manyexotic and beautiful flowers grow in the rainforests.Rainforests are the source of many items that we all use in our ownhomes!We eat several foods from the rainforest and many medicines aremade from ingredients found only in these areas.Some of the common products we know of include: Chocolate sugar cinnamon rubber medicine pineapplesThe map shows the location of theworldstropical rainforests.Rainforests cover only a small part ofthe earths surface - about 6%. Wecan find them in different parts ofthe world. 7 8. PLANET EARTH: RAINFORESTS EUROPEAN STUDENTS BUILDING A SUSTAINABLE EUROPECENTRAL AMERICAThis region was once entirely covered with rainforest, but large areas have been cleared forcattle ranching and for sugar cane plantations.Like other major rainforests, the jungles and mangrove swamps ofCentral America contain many plants and animals found nowhereelse. Central America is famous for its large number of tropicalbirds, including many kinds of parrots.THE AMAZONThe Amazon jungle is the worlds largest tropical rainforest. Theforest covers the basin of the Amazon, the worlds second longestriver.The Amazon is home to the greatest variety of plants and animalson Earth. A 1/5 of all the worlds plants and birds and about 1/10 of all mammal species arefound there AFRICACentral Africa holds the worlds second largest rainforest. To the south east, the large island ofMadagascar was once intensively forested, but now much of