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Using the power of pictures, brands can now reach out to more potential customers than ever before. Because images are the most viral medium for information sharing on the web, brands that utilize photo sharing programs like Pinterest and Instagram can instantly promote natural engagement with their target audience. This slide-deck was part of a larger presentation on how businesses can harness the power of pictures to take their inbound marketing to the next level.


  • 1.The Power of PicturesUsing Pinterest and Instagram to BuildYour Brand

2. About Me @amahlmajack Content Strategist Blogger SEO Cat Lady As part of Rakas Inbound Marketing team, I help with the strategy and implementation of content marketing initiatives for various retainer clients. ! My everyday duties include: blogging, copywriting, on-site search engine optimization and social media marketing. 3. Why Should Brands Use Pinterest & Instagram The Internet loves images Greater brand awareness Run campaigns w/ little overhead Natural engagement w/ target market Funnel users to your website/landing page 4. Instagram Photo & video sharing network 150 million+ monthly active users Acquired by Facebook for $750 million Ads now available for some users 5. Big Brands on Instagram @nike @tiffanyandco @celtics @starbucks @redbull @forever21 6. Not-So-Sexy Brands on Instagram Find art in the everyday Consider composition, shape, & color Play with perspective Give a behind-the-scenes peek @maerskline @generalelectric 7. The #Hashtag Difference 8. Instagram for Business Make the Most of your Profile: recognizable username & photo, website or social URL, branded hashtags Be Consistent: designate common themes, consider unifying filters, post frequently Take Advantage of Hashtags: relevant to your industry; try branded hashtags for interactive campaigns & user generated content Connect with Other Users: comment on relevant photos, @mention users, reply to comments ! 9. Pinterest Social pin-board for curating images 70 million+ active users 3rd largest social network (after Facebook & Twitter 10. Rakas #InboundMarketing Board 11. Whole Foods: shares recipes that interest their target audience 12. Sephora's Pinterest followers spend 15x more than their Facebook fans - 13. Pinterest for Business Use Profile Wisely: recognizable username & photo, include website and/or social URL Verify Your Website: verify your site with Pinterest to appear in Google search results by downloading verification file then uploading it to your website Stay Within Your Niche: identify your target audience, use keywords & hashtags wisely, choose high-quality and relevant images ! ! 14. Rich Pins Decide what kind of Rich Pins you want (product, recipe etc.) Add meta data to your website (or ask your developer). Validate and apply for Rich Pins Automatically updated prices, availability, reviews & more. How to Get Rich Pins 15. Final Thoughts Take the time to complete your profile Stay consistent across & within social networks Use hashtags and keywords thoughtfully Tell a story Ask yourself, Would I share this? Resist the urge to sell Be genuine and have fun! 16. Resources Instagram marketing Pinterest pins-to-riches business 17. @rakacreative