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Presented by: April Acorda Jacqueline Huggins Katrine Mendoza EDR 220 August 1, 2012

THE PILAR PEREZ MEDALLION FOR YOUNG ADULT LITERATUREDeveloped to be given to writers of young adult novels Started with the efforts of Filipinas Heritage Library, Powerbooks, Adarna House, Candy Magazine, and National Bookstore Started in 2001, but stopped in 2002, because the organizers, publishers and distributors had a hard time selling the published novellas

WINNERS OF THE PILAR PEREZ MEDALLIONJacobos Ghost by Annette Flores Garcia (2001) Mga Ako ng Amalia Salamat (2001) Sup by Maria L.M. Fres- Felix (2001) Anina ng mga Alon by Eugene Evasco (2002)

CRITERIAThe criteria was not released to the public However, submitted entries followed the following guidelines: a. unpublished stories meant for 10- to 14year old readers b. maximum length per entry is 50-60 pages, 12 points, double spaced, on short bond paper

PILAR PEREZContributed significantly to the cause of libraries and literacy Librarian at Arellano High School Founding chair of the Philippine Association of School Librarians (1977) Pushed for Childrens Corners in Libraries (Cruz, 2000)

WHAT MADE THE WINNERS WINNERS?They are really intended for young adult readers. They show the realities in the life of adolescents. They validate the feelings, thoughts and experiences of the young adult readers They leave hope and inspirations to the readers. The language used is direct and easy to comprehend.

JACOBOS GHOSTWritten by Annette Flores Garcia Published: Quezon City: Adarna House, 2001. Winner of the Pilar Perez Medallion for Young Adult Literature in 2001 Talks about Jacobo who went to his grandmothers house and tried to discover the mystery of the ghost in the old house across the street Talks about things teens do and the Japanese occupation Has a sense of mystery

READERS RESPONSES TO JACOBOS GHOSTMakes you think about your own childhood, going to grandmothers place Awakening the adventuresome spirit Perception of the elderly changed Provides insight about the things experienced by the Filipinos during the Japanese occupation

MGA AKOWritten by Amalia Salamat Published: Quezon City: Adarna House, 2001 Won the Pilar Perez Medallion for Young Adult Literature in 2001


Different roles

Different activities

Having broken family


Love life

READERS RESPONSES TO MGA AKO (REPORTER)good description of the different feelings that adolescent experience The titles of the chapters gives an idea of the different roles played by teens Easy to understand text Good reading materials for young adults Would recommend to other teenagers

READERS RESPONSE TO MGA AKO (TEEN)Described what teens are feeling Gives lessons to the youth The scene about drinking alcohol is not that good Compares herself with the main character Gives lesson and inspiration

SUPWritten by Maria L.M. Fres-Felix Published: Quezon City: Adarna House, 2001 Won the Pilar Perez Medallion for Young Adult Literature in 2001 The story is about girls who are in high school going through the motions of teenage life It talks about love, family problems, self esteem issues

READERS RESPONSE TO SUPTrying hard to sound like a teenager Showed the culture of Filipino teenagers Aids in shaping teenagers in a good way Can be recommended to Filipino and American teenagers

ANINA NG MGA ALONWritten by Eugene Evasco Published: Quezon City: Adarna House, 2002 Won the Pilar Perez Medallion for Young Adult Literature in 2002 Talks about Anina, a Badjao Issues in the book: finding ones identity, discrimination, displacement Can be used to introduce the readers to the rich culture of the Badjaos

READERS RESPONSE TO ANINA NG MGA ALON (REPORTER)First impression: Good, but looks boring Written in a way that it is easy to understand It would be good if some illustrations were provided Learned something new about the Badjaos The book deserved the award because it not only entertains, but serves as a window to the lives of the Badjaos

READERS RESPONSE TO ANINA NG MGA ALON (TEEN)Does not like to read, but was excited to see what happened in the next chapter The book must be good because it won an award Liked how the author shared about the life of the Badjaos Sympathized with Aninas experiences The book deserves an award because the author did a good work in describing how the Badjaos live, think, and do their practices

NOMINATED BOOK FOR THE AWARDTHE SECRET (1997) Written by Lin Acacio-Flores; with illustrations by Dick Crame Published: Mandaluyong: Cacho Publishing House, 1997.

THE SECRETIt is about Rica, who was in a boarding school during the Japanese Occupation in the Philippines She tried to find the secret of the haunted building in school, and she found out the nuns secret Talks about being resilient in difficult times, loyalty, and experiences and feelings of a girl in the middle of war The author captured the attention of the readers because of the element of mystery

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