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PHYL EDMONDSSevern Intervention Services Director & Certified Grief Recovery SpecialistGREAT JOB (TaMHS)LOVING HUSBANDCLOSE FAMILY & FRIENDS HAPPY & HEALTHY BUSY SOCIAL LIFE1 in 4 peoplewill experience a mental health issueWIDOWED BY SUICIDENO JOB continuous rejectionRELATIONSHIPS CHANGED ERRATIC BEHAVIOUR SUICIDALSymptomsAnxietyDepressed Suicidal CryingManiaIntrusive thoughts/frightenedPhysical illnessBehavioursAlcohol - to numb the painLate nights - frightened to sleepJunk foodDidn't recognise myself!No jobNo relationshipNo homeNo purposeFear rest of lifewould be like thisEnd it all!THE FUTURE LOOKED BLEAKA CHOICE HAD TO BE MADEMiseryorHappiness?ROAD TO RECOVERYCONNECTTALK & LISTEN, BE THERE, FEEL CONNECTEDREMEMBER THE SIMPLE THINGS THAT GIVE YOU JOYYOUR TIME, YOUR WORDS, YOUR PRESENCEEMBRACE NEW EXPERIENCES, SEE OPPORTUNITIES, SURPRISE YOURSELFDO WHAT YOU CAN, ENJOY WHAT YOU DO, MOVE YOUR MOODTAKE NOTICEKEEP LEARNINGGIVEBE ACTIVELocal Services & Self HelpCounselling - IAPTMindfulnessImproved nutritionReading self help materialVoluntary workAll this helped, but just existing - and still no job!Incomplete recovery from grief can have a lifelong negative effect on the capacity for happiness. It is possible to recover from grief and regain energy and wellbeing.It is not counselling or therapy.An education programme for moving beyond death, relationship breakdown and all losses in life including health, career and faith.The Grief Recovery Method40 years22 languages"Quality Checked" status - National Counselling SocietyEndorsed for CPD by professional bodiesCost effectiveIncreasing numbers of mental health professionals worldwide are training as Grief Recovery Specialists - "missing piece of the jigsaw"The Grief Recovery MethodCOMPLETED THE GRIEF RECOVERY METHODTRAINED AS A GRIEF RECOVERY SPECIALISTHELPED OTHERS -LASTING SIGNIFICANTIMPROVEMENTS TO WELLBEINGCO-PRODUCTION IN TELFORD & WREKINCo-production"A relationship where professionals and citizens share power to plan and deliver support together, recognising that both have vital contributions to make, in order to improve quality of life for people and communities"NHS funded Grief Recovery SpecialistsEvidence basedWhere am I now?Telford & Wrekin Approved Provider training & EHWB projectsGrief Recovery Specialist - helping others recover their livesUK wide Grief Recovery Specialist TrainerHelping Children Deal with Loss - education & careLocal transformative co-production memberA life of purpose, content & 07817 910552Grief Recovery UK: