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  • 1.The Rules of Photography Unit 57: Photography and Photographic Practice Terminology P1, P2, M1, M2 Callum Harrison

2. Rule of thirds Rule of Third is where a photograph is divided in order for the focal point to be clear, the focal will be on the left or right of the full Photo on the intersection. 3. Examples of Rule of thirds 4. Framing Framing in Photography is the use of natural or created images to frame a Photo taken. The focus of the Photo will be in- between the frame. 5. Leading Lines Leading Lines is a Photo that has the effect of leading you to something else, For example a road that leads your eyes to the background. 6. Balancing Elements Balancing Elements Is where there is a focus to the image but there is also something else less important in the photo background. This could be a building or even a color. 7. Symmetry & Patterns Symmetry & Patterns can be a natural symmetrical image or one that is created, the mirror image makes the photograph interesting to look at as its quite hard to find something that is perfectly symmetrical. They can have strong graphic elements Lines, Shapes, Colours, Repeat themselves. 8. Depth of Field Depth of field is where there is a key focus to an image, the focal point is shown by being the only part of the photo that is in focus and the rest of it will be blurred.