photography - prep (as photography)

By Alois Mangwende Personal Objects

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Photography - Prep (AS Photography)


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By Alois MangwendePersonal Objects

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Findings by Irving Penn

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Irving Penn

Penn created modernist still life works of metal and found objects. Penn was among the first photographers to portray subjects against a simple grey or white backdrop (a simple yet effective technique). Penn accumulated objects he would find which obsessed him. This included scraps of glass, bone, metal and even human skulls.In the case of Cigarettes, Penn found his subjects on the street brought them together and carefully created his compositions. The result being a beautiful symbolic piece of art

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Andre Kertesz Polaroids

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Andre Kertesz

The Kertész Polaroids, conversely, are almost primal screams of emotion and sentiment—if not at times, sentimentality. This has been the critical attitude toward some of this work.In addition to this. Andre has a vision for splendid and original quality of formal invention. There is in the work of Kertesz quality less easily analyzed, pieces of work.

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