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  • Photography in industry By Dan Moorhouse
  • What is Photojournalism Photojournalism is using pictures and photos to help tell a story. Photojournalism mainly focuses on events unlike documentary where is more range of subject.
  • Where is it used? The main places you would normally see photojournalism would be in things such as newspapers and magazines.
  • How has it changed over time? With new technology they are able to edit pictures and things using computers and other editing software. In the pictures now they dont just use black and white as they now have cameras that take pictures in colour.
  • Why has it changed over time? People expect more from the pictures because of the introduction of newer technology. The pictures also look better and more professional so people are more likely to buy the pictures.
  • What photographers are associated with this work? David Burnett-
  • Landscape Used to show different areas in the world Its mainly used to advertise places or to make art The photgrophy itself has not changed but the technology has become better With better photography the pictures look better and the artists can sell the pictures for more money Adam Burton
  • Fashion Used to display clothing and other fashion items Used to advertise the clothing and other fashion items Better cameras and new technology The clothes look better with the better pictures Alex Sailsbury
  • Portrait Portrait is either a painting, drawing, photo or engraving of a person, face or personality They are used to represent a person With new cameras and better technology they can take better pictures and more things can be done when editing Diane Arbus (1923- 1971) Look on Wikipedia
  • Fine Art Fine art is creative art products to be appreciated primarily and visual art It is mainly used in adverts and magazines In the 20th Centaury photos were mostly in black and white but now with better technology they have added colour Ansel Adams Best place for information is Wikipedia
  • Advertising Is main and most important element as its visualization has to look good for the companies Is used to persuade people to by the products At the beginning of the 20th centaury article developed to photography and began in photo journals Ian Jackson