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Photographs in the study of Geography. Ground-Level, Oblique, Vertical aerial, Satellite imagery


  • 1. Photographs Geography Skills in Geography

2. Photographs for Geographers

  • Geographers use photographs for:
    • Describing the natural and human environment
    • Compare different places around the world
    • Show how places change overtime
    • Save many words by when describing features in our world

3. What are these photographs showing us? 4. Types of Photographs Ground-Level Photograph Oblique Photograph Vertical Photograph Satellite Imagery 5. 6. Ground-Level Photographs

  • Shows an area as if we were standing and looking at the site.
  • Features in the foreground usually appear larger and features further away appear smaller

7. FOREGROUND BACKGROUND 8. What interactions are shown in this Photograph? 9. Oblique Photographs

  • Photographs that are taken at a high point taken at an angle.
    • These can be taken from aircraft such as a plane or hot air balloon.
    • Can also be taken from a cliff looking down at an oblique angle
  • Using this angle we are able to discover more of the features in the background

10. Oblique Photos allow the viewer to see more in the background then Ground-level Photos Randwick Racecourse UNSW Eastern Suburbs Pacific Ocean 11. 12. Vertical Photographs

  • Usually taken from a specially equipped plane with a camera mounted underneath pointing straight down.
      • The maximum tilt of the camera is 3 degrees, If it goes over this angle it will be classified as an oblique photograph
  • These photos will show less detail but more area of the environment

13. Check the shading on the baseball stadium, this shows it has been taken at a specific time of the day 14. 15. 16. Satellite Imagery

  • A satellite is an object that orbits a planet. These are able to capture larger areas of the Earths Surface.
    • Gathering information from satellites is called Remote Sensing.

17. Satellite Imagery shows more land area but less detail 18. Google Earth Satellite Imagery

  • Google use satellite imagery to display its maps online:
  • Visit Google Earths Website -http:// /

19. Photographs show changes overtime -seasonal 20. Changes in time during the day Gold Coast, QLD Sunrise 21. Gold Coast QLD, Daytime 22. Gold Coast QLD, Night time 23. Changes in different time periods

  • Glebe Island Bridge

24. 1995 Anzac Bridge 2008 glebe and Anzac Bridge 25. Case Example Palm Beach 26. 27. 28. 29. Investigation Questions

  • 1. Which type of photograph shows the most detail of the features? Why?
  • 2. What are the advantages of the oblique photo compared to the Ground photo of Palm Beach
  • 3. What are the differences between the ground photo and the vertical photo?
  • 4. Describe the interactions between human and physical environments in the oblique photo.

30. Photographs can be used to draw line sketches 31. How to make a line drawing using Photographs 32. 33. 34. Photographs can be used to make Sketch (Land-use) maps 35. 36. Photographs can be used with maps