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Introduction to a number of portraiture photographers through the ages.


  • 1.Photographers:Portraiture

2. Irving PennCorner portraits: created anenvironment to see howsubjects reacted. 3. Julia Margaret Cameron Closely cropped portraits have influenced contemporary photographersStarted photography at 48.unconventional in their intimacy and visual outcome of created blur.This was achieved through both long exposures, where the subject moved and by leaving the lensintentionally out of focus. 4. Richard AvedonTruman CapoteLee Friedlander ButcherEarned his reputation as a fashion photographer, his greatest achievementhas been his reinvention of the genre of photographic portraiture.there is barely a trace of the theatrical expressiveness or thehis ability to express the essence of his subject using little else in the frame. extravagant gestures that avedon elicits from the actors,avedons pictures continue to bring us a closer, more intimate view of thesingers or writers who sit for him. these portraits aregreat and the famous. expressive nevertheless. their hard physical labour, thethe portraits are often well lit and in front of white backdrops, with no props orharshness of their everyday lives, their struggle for survival,extraneous details to distract from their person - from the essential specificity has etched their features and their souls as a river gougesof face, gaze, dress, and gesture. when printed, the images regularly containthe dark outline of the film in which the image was framed. out a canyon. their faces become landscapes, and their bodiesterritories, on which they carry their garments around with them. 5. Lee Friedlander 6. Nan GoldinStarted documenting Gay and transsexualcommunities in NYCIn 1990s began to document AIDS epidemic as shelost many of her close friendsContinues to document marginalised groups withinsociety. Uses herself and her circumstances as subject matter 7. David Bailey 8. SianBonnell 9. Cindy Sherman manipulates her own body by means of make-up, clothes and artificial bodyparts, and stages herself as various figures that she invents or re-invents,after which she photographs herself in her studio. 10. Richard Billinghamthe door to family life, usually closed,was kicked wide open. 11. Arnulf Rainer 12. Barry Lewis 13. Bettina von Zwehl 14. Bill Brandt 15. Brassai 16. David LaChapelle 17. Duane Michals 18. Don McCullin 19. Elliot Erwitt 20. Erwin Blumenfeld