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Sketches of photos to be used in my music magazine with descriptions


  • 1. This is the picture that I want to use on the front cover of the magazine. I havent yet decided whether I want to have the image onthe cover in colour or in black and white, I think I would have to experiment.
  • 2. This image would also be on the front cover but slightly smaller. I would also have an image of the same person on thecontents page. As I said in my notes, I think it would be really good to have the girl leaning against a mirror because it wouldgive an interesting effect which I think is quite unique.
  • 3. This would be the main image for the double page spread. This would obviously be in black and white. I want him tolook directly at the camera and then in the other photos he wont be looking directly at the camera. I want preferably aplain white wall so the image isnt too fussy.
  • 4. This will be one of the three smaller images on the double page spread. I want this pose to look pretty casual and relaxed. I mayhave to make this a mid-shot rather than a long shot depending on the space I will have for it on the spread. Again, this image willbe greyscale.
  • 5. This image will maybe be taken on the grass or on a curb quite a natural, normal surrounding. I think image will be really niceand relaxed again, in black and white.
  • 6. This will be the final small image for my double page spread. This is the first time well see the artist smile which I think isimportant to show. Again, image is greyscale.