Persuasive Techniques/ Propaganda (Listen) Techniques used to influence opinions, emotions, attitudes or behavior. Techniques used to influence opinions,

Download Persuasive Techniques/ Propaganda (Listen) Techniques used to influence opinions, emotions, attitudes or behavior. Techniques used to influence opinions,

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  • Persuasive Techniques/ Propaganda(Listen)Techniques used to influence opinions, emotions, attitudes or behavior.

    The purpose is to benefit the sponsor.

    It appeals to the emotions not the intellect.It is not negative or positive.The purpose is to persuade.

  • Characteristics of Propaganda (Listen)In advertising the purpose is to claim superiority in order to sell product.Weasel Words - modifiers that look substantial but are meaningless.Weasel Words: tackles, comforts, refreshes, fights, helps, virtuallyMakes audience believe in something or want to do something.

  • Recognizing Propaganda Techniques (Listen)BandwagonTestimonialSnob Appeal Plain FolksPatriotismEvidence ClaimsGlittering Generalization

  • More Propaganda(Listen)TransferSloganWit and HumorRewardsName-CallingBig LieScapegoat

  • (Write the following notes on a separate sheet of notebook paper)Bandwagon Persuasive technique that invites you to join the crowd.Everybodys doing it!Often uses weasel words

  • TestimonialStatement endorsing an idea/product by a prominent person.Product can be inside or outside particular field.Musical artists,Sports giants,Actors/actresses

  • Snob AppealAims to flatterMakes assumption/ insinuation that this product/idea is better than othersThus, those that use it are too.Avant Garde ahead of the times.

    The Ultimate driving machine

  • Plain FolksOpposite of Snob AppealIdentifies product/idea with a locality or countryPractical product for ordinary people.Like a good neighbor

  • PatriotismPurchase will display love of country.Person will financially help the country.built American tough

  • Evidence ClaimsFacts and Figures statistics to prove superiority.

    Magic Ingredients suggests some miraculous discovery makes product exceptionally effective.

    Hidden Fears suggests that user is safe from some danger.

  • Glittering GeneralizationWeasel words used.Statement jumps from a few cases to all.Glittering because its falsely attractiveOften used by politicians

  • TransferPositive feelings/desires are connected to a product/userTransfers positive feelings we have of something we know to something we dont.

    Love/ PopularityFameWealthPower

  • SloganA catchword or phrase loaded with emotionOften sells through repetitionClever and easy to rememberStays with you a long timeOften a melody you already knowTrust Sleepys For the restOf your life

  • Engaging Techniques:Wit and Humor diverts audience and gives a reason to laugh often through the use of clever visuals and/or language.

    Rewards bonus awarded to consumer for purchase. (Toys, gimmicks, rebates, free payment, etc.)

  • Name - CallingA way of smearing an opponentIntent is to damage opponentIt also arouses suspicion of opponentIntention is to create an uneasy feelingUsed by politicians and product companies

  • Big LieAn outrageous falsehoodCaptures attention because its so outrageousSomehow staggers audience into believing it

  • ScapegoatA person carrying the blame for othersRetreats to prejudice rather than reasonMostly used in the political arenaWins audience through association or sympathy

  • Buyer Beware(Listen)Be a conscientious consumerKnow what devices are trying to influence youThenMake an informed decisionAssignment: Take notes on all persuasive techniques used in all advertisements, then have a class discussion about your findingsLink To YouTube Advertisements (Persuasive Commercial Assignment):

    *As a propaganda technique, the term bandwagon suggests an imaginary vechicle carrying leaders or candidates of a cause or carrying large banners and/or posters. This group has a huge group of people following behind and all are in support of that leader/candidate. A bandwagon is a high, ornate wagon in which a band rides as in a circus parade.Unfortunately, most of us like to swim with the sharks rather than stand alone, so we are likely to be carried along. Beware of this technique. Its a lot easier to be joiner than to stand alone.

    Bandwagon is a propaganda technique that suggests an image of a vechicle carrying a leader/candidate *A company hires a famous celebrity figure to promote a particular product or topic. This is particularly powerfulIf a product 8s *Sex Appeal if you use this product you be more attractive to members of the opposite sex. You will look sexy to everyone.Love or Popularity- This will make everyone love you and like you. You will be popular and a trend setter. Watch out for this one. Everyone likes attention.Fame You will gain fame (attention) if you use this.Wealth-by having this product you will appear wealthy. The wealthy and affluent use this. You get what you pay for.Power- This will give you power over people. Youll have an edge over others.


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