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This is Part 2 of an eight part series of presentations entitled Leadership in the Interactive Age, originally presented over the National Technological University's satellite network in January and February, 1995 by Paul Schumann, Donna Prestwood and Barbara Benjamin. Some of the topical references are out of date but the concepts are still valid. They're probably more apparently valid now then they were at the time of the original production.


  • 1. Leadership in the Interactive Age Personal Ingenuity and Emerging Technologies Part 2 Paul Schumann

2. Personal Ingenuity and Emerging Technologies

  • Introductions
  • Series Overview
    • Purpose and Objectives
    • Content and Format
    • Summary
  • Program Description
    • Objectives
    • Topics

3. Topics

  • Technology and Change
  • Technology and Work
  • Types of Technology
  • The Emerging Technologies of the Interactive Age
  • Technology and Ingenuity

4. Technology and Change

  • Technology As the Facilitator of Change
  • Technology As the Driver of Change
  • Technology As the Result of Change

5. The Interaction of Technology and Change Forces Needs Response Technology Change Change Change Change 6. Change and the Measurement of Time

  • Passage of Time and Its Measurement Important to Man
  • Some of the Earliest Writing of Man is Concerned With Time
  • Time Measurement Used For
    • Agriculture
    • Religion
    • Business
    • Personal

7. Change and The Technology of Time 1000 BC 0 1000 AD 2000AD Vertical Staff Sundial Latitude Correction Horizontal Sundial Clepsydra Dial Water Clock Hourglass Mechanical Clocks Pendulum Clock Dead BeatEscapement Tuning Fork IC Watch ? 8. The Information Evolution 0 4 8 12 16 Virus Bacteria Algae Protozoa Man Amphibians Reptiles Mammals Humans Word Letter Pictograph Book Photograph CD TV Show Library Controller 64K Computer 1 M Byte All Computers Genetic Brain Extrasomatic Computers Bits in Powers of 10 9. Technology and Work

  • Raw Materials
  • Time and Place
  • Function
  • Purpose

10. Work and The Technology of Time 9 7 5 3 1 -1 -3 -5 -7 Time Measurement (seconds - powers of 10) Cyclical Calendar(12 yrs) Agriculture(season) Religion(day) Call to Work, Worship, Market(hr) White Collar Work(5 min) Blue Collar Work(