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<ul><li> Personal BrandingYOU 2.0 on Social Media </li> <li> What is Personal Branding Personal branding is the Process of how we Market Ourselves to others. </li> <li> Its not about Achieving Excellence.Its about Communicating Excellence </li> <li> do I need personal branding? </li> <li> Andrew @ 2005 Only 50 friends on Friendster and Plaxo Google : no mention of Andrew Chow for first 5 pages Never once invited to speak Not a single interview from the media Networking once in 3 months 100 name cards takes a year to deplete </li> <li> Andrew @ 2011 4500 friends on Facebook Company blog ranked top 500 site in Singapore by Recognised Thought Leader on Social Media Strategy and Relationship Accumulated over 10,000 profiles from 3 social portals Invited to speak in Asia and as far in Dubai, UAE Interviewed over 150 times on local and regional media in 5 years Won multiple business awards </li> <li> 4 out of 10 links on 1st page of Google Andrew Chow </li> <li> Personal Branding Road Map Who are you? What do you do? Why are you so unique? </li> <li> Personal Branding Journey Person (Profile) Prize Portal (award) (networking) People Personal Partners (Charity) Branding Publicity Public (Media) Speaking Publication (Book) </li> <li> The real YOU on Social Media =New Media + Mass Media </li> <li> Reward I seldom have to sell. My credibility is almost never questioned. People look forward to working with me or my company Others do the marketing for me. (word of mouth) </li> <li> Fundamentals Commit to doing it consistently. Focus on what makes you special. Demonstrate Thought Leadership (think of yourself as a publisher for your customers/people you want to emulate). Get on platforms which makes it viral. </li> <li> How can Social Media help my Personal Branding? </li> <li> #1 - Create your Profiles indifferent Social Media platforms </li> <li> - 4500 friends -1600 fans </li> <li> -43 Recommendations-100% complete </li> <li> Over 14000 FollowersListed over 280 categories </li> <li> </li> <li> What do I blog about? </li> <li> #2 Network any time, any where! </li> <li> Desktop Mobile </li> <li> www.beulah.sgFounded: 2006 SepCategory : ReligionObjective : Religious networkingProfiles : 1750Events : 300Friendships : 40,500 </li> <li> Founded : 2007 Jan Category : Social Objective : Friendship Profiles : 7700 Events : 400 Personal Messages : 500,000 </li> <li> Founded : 2009 Category : Personalized Dating Objective : For likeminded singles who Looks forward to a life long relationship Profiles : 1480 Table For Six : Over 120 </li> <li> Web 2.0 More accessible More user friendly More viral More relevant </li> <li> #3 Work with the right partners </li> <li> Over 9,000 pictures- 50,000 views- 1,500 friends- 16 collections- 170 albums (sets) </li> <li> #4 Speak .. for free! </li> <li> Over 95 presentationsOver 1900 downloadOver 95000 views </li> <li> #5 Write a E-book! </li> <li> Http://ideasandrew.podomatic.com600 min of podcast Radio Interviews Webcast Interview45 episodes1000 downloads </li> <li> #6 Make friends with the Media! </li> <li> Magazines </li> <li> Newspaper </li> <li> Radio </li> <li> Local and Foreign TV Channels </li> <li> News Wire Agencies </li> <li> Over 85000 views </li> <li> #7 Serve those in Need (Charity)! </li> <li> Sponsorship or Volunteerism </li> <li> #7 Serve Others (Charity) </li> <li> Mendaki Sense Lutheran Community Care Services Teen Challenge Asia Women Welfare Association Young Women Christian Association Restroom Association of Singapore SOS Singapore Planned Parenthood Renci Hospital Student Care Services Parkway Healthcare Centre for Senior National Volunteer Philantrophic Centre (NVPC) B Well Methodist Group of Churches National Kidney Foundation (NKF) Percept Ministry Singapore Association for Mental Health Singapore After Care Association St Andrew Community Hospital Touch Young Arrows WINGS METTA Buddha Tiger Relic Tooth ISCOS </li> <li> #8 Claim Your Prize (award)! </li> <li> Getting Recognition </li> <li> Personal Branding Journey Person (Profile) Prize Portal (award) (networking) People Personal Partners (Charity) Branding Publicity Public (Media) Speaking Publication (Book) </li> <li> Search you on Google now, Compare it with 6 months down the road. </li> <li> Connect with AndrewB2B </li> </ul>