Personal Branding: Developing Brand YU.0 (2.0)

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Hajj Flemings presents Personal Branding: Developing Brand YU.0 (2.0) at Brand Camp University on September 27, 2008 @ Lawrence Technological University and Personal Branding 2.0 Tele-Seminar (PRSA)


<p>Personal Branding 2.0: Tele-Seminar</p> <p>Twitter: @HajjFlemings</p> <p>He</p> <p>llo</p> <p>my</p> <p> bra</p> <p>nd</p> <p> is</p> <p>He</p> <p>llo</p> <p>my</p> <p> bra</p> <p>nd</p> <p> is</p> <p>He</p> <p>llo</p> <p>my</p> <p> bra</p> <p>nd</p> <p> is</p> <p>What is a Brand?</p> <p>Brand</p> <p>A brand is a perception or emotion, maintained by a buyer or prospective buyer, describing the </p> <p>experience related to doing business with an organization or consuming its products and services.</p> <p>Brand Commodity</p> <p>$.99$4.69</p> <p>into Nike.Branding turns sneakers </p> <p>Branding turns diamonds into Tiffany's.</p> <p>Personal</p> <p>Brand</p> <p>A perception or emotion, maintained by somebody other than you, describes the total </p> <p>experience of having a relationship with you.</p> <p>Personal Brand Basics</p> <p>Be Informed</p> <p> Google Reader</p> <p>Sean</p> <p>MichaelMartha</p> <p>Steve</p> <p>Bill</p> <p>BritneyDwayne</p> <p>Political Races will never be the same.</p> <p>Seth = Marketing</p> <p>Passion"Commit yourself to something you love."</p> <p>Mission Statements</p> <p>Personal Brands have</p> <p>"To Inspire 1 million people to live </p> <p>a life of significance."</p> <p>- Hajj E. Flemings, Personal Brand StrategistMission Statement</p> <p>Brand StoryMy</p> <p>Definition</p> <p>Connection</p> <p>Value</p> <p>ConversationJoin the Creativity</p> <p>Branding</p> <p>Change</p> <p>Social Networks</p> <p>Why?</p> <p>of Internet Users Read Blogs</p> <p>73% 57%of internet users are now members </p> <p>of social networks</p> <p>speak@hajjflemings.comTwitter: @HajjFlemings</p> <p>Skype: Flemings1</p> <p>Brand 2.0 CardsHajj 2.0</p> <p>How well does your brand translate off-line and online?</p> <p>What type of impression are you making?</p> <p>What is the impact of your brand?</p> <p>Digital</p> <p>Off-Line</p> <p>Avatars</p> <p>Social NetworksBrand 2.0 Cards</p> <p>Human Relationships</p> <p>Personal Brand Footprint</p> <p>Footprint</p> <p>HumanImprint</p> <p>Online</p> <p>Trademarks</p> <p>Digital Relationships</p> <p>eBrand Assets</p> <p>Personal Packaging</p> <p>Physical HealthBlog</p> <p>The New Office</p> <p>Builders</p> <p>Grustlers</p> <p>Leapers</p> <p>Personal Branding Categories</p> <p>Twitter: @HajjFlemings</p> <p></p> <p></p> <p></p>