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Webinar presented by Mark Sutton or Artez with This presentation shows how non-profit organizations can use person to person fundraising.


<ul><li> 1. How individual supporters use online fundraising pages to make a difference<br />Presented by Mark Sutton<br />President, Artez Interactive US<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. Individual Fundraisingwith Social Media<br />What is social media and why is it so hot these days?<br />What this means for you as a non-profit<br />How to put this to work for your organization today<br /> 3. 4. Grass Roots Fundraising<br />Many small online donations<br />More donors than ever before<br />Self organized<br />Ability to act upon passions<br />Enabled not directed<br />Peoplegive to People<br /> 5. Social Media<br />3 Aspects of Social Media<br />Share<br />Network<br />Publish<br /> 6. Social Media Publishing Tools<br />WIKIPEDIA <br /> 7. Web 2.0 &amp; Social Mediayoure not the center of the world<br />1.0<br />2.0<br /> 8. User ratings<br /> 9. Different Perspectives and Opinions<br /> 10. Blogs The post is just the beginning<br /> 11. Breaking News Discussed not Consumed<br /> 12. User Behavior<br /> 13. User Recommendations<br /> 14. What all this means for youas a fundraiser<br /> 15. ...the more they are the same<br />People dont have time<br />People do better in groups<br />People give to people...particularly online<br />Good stories make people act!<br />Its all about the ask<br /> 16. Catalysts &amp; Connectors<br />Catalysts<br />Events<br />Weddings<br />Memoriam<br />Natural Disasters<br />Illness<br />National/Global News<br />Awareness Months<br />non-events<br />Connectors<br />Runners<br />Bloggers<br />Social Networkers<br />Mavens &amp; Moguls<br />Personalized<br />Personal pictures &amp; videos<br />Personal connections &amp; communities<br />Personal stories<br />Personal reasons<br />Personal passions<br /> 17. Your organization<br /> 18. with some key supporters<br /> 19. each one recruiting donors<br /> 20. A Local Event<br /> 21. Fundraiser Distribution<br /> 22. Donors Nationwide<br /> 23. Even Chickens can Fundraise Online<br />Its easier to connect to more peopleonline and easier to ask online<br />Average number of online friends people are connected to = 164<br />How long does it take tomake 164 phone calls?<br /> 24. Harps Fundraising~8,000 + Raised - Over 120 donations - Howd he do it?<br />Very simply, <br />Harp made the asks<br /></p> <ul><li>He deliberately compiled an email list </li></ul> <p> 25. Asked everyone 26. Asked them again 27. It worked, no huge gifts, pure diligence, passion and commitment~30% of emails sent are answered with a donation<br /> 28. Not all digital fundraisers are equal<br />80% of funds will be found by 20% of the people<br />Identify them early<br />Treat them differently<br /> 29. Find your sneezers<br />Epidemics teach us that disease is spread unevenly<br />Some individuals are particularly contagious, named sneezers<br />What if instead of a sneeze the action is an ask<br /> 30. Case Study: Sneezer Metrics<br /> 31. Sneezers surprise you<br />1 million<br />Swam the English channel<br /> 32. 33. Board Member Fundraising<br /> 34. Your Communitys Sensibilities<br /> 35. Appealing to communities<br />Acquaintances<br />people from the past or far away<br />Family and <br />close friends<br />Other friends/<br />Co-workers<br />Broader Community<br /> 36. Appealing to broader communities<br /></p> <ul><li>Social networks </li></ul> <p> 37. Blogs 38. Mass mediaBroader Community<br />Some supporters will have access to powerful communities<br /> 39. Blogger Case Study<br />Blog Based Fundraiser<br /></p> <ul><li>Over $85,000 in 3 weeks </li></ul> <p> 40. Online community 41. &gt;1,700 donors 42. &gt;700 blogs linked to Pim's fundraising pageMy personal message: Every year, Food Bloggers from all over the world join together for a fundraising campaign. We call it 'Menu for Hope'. Last year, we raised $60,925.12 for the UN World Food Programme.This year Menu for Hope 4 again raises funds to support the WFP. Specifically, the amount we raise will go to support the school lunch program in Lesotho, Africa.<br /> 43. Awareness Month Example<br /> 44. People &amp; Projects<br /> 45. Pages for people in your community<br /> 46. Non-Profits of any size<br />Annual Budget of $11k online<br /> 47. What all this means for youas a fundraiser<br /> 48. How to put this to work for you today<br />Embrace grass roots fundraising<br />What does it mean to your organization?<br />Get out of the way<br />Invite people to support you<br />Web site, news letters, programs<br />Identify the social fundraisers<br />Who has a blog, FB page, runners<br />Share examples with your supporters<br /> 49. Test, measure and adjust.<br />Test, measure and adjust.<br />Test, measure and adjust.<br />Figure out the formula for your organization<br /> 50. Tip:<br />Set Realistic Targets<br /> 51. It is NOT about the TECHNOLOGY.<br /> 52. It is about<br />TECHNOLOGY<br />letting your supporters tell your <br />STORIES.<br /> 53. Thank you!<br />Mark Sutton<br />President, Artez US<br /><br />Twitter: @marksutton<br /><br /><br /></p>