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Top Decorative Uses of Peacock Feathers

Praised for its color and design, natural PeacockFeathers are considered among the mostbeautiful feather categories. These feathers havebeen long used as adorable feather quills,bookmarks, and eye-catching feather clips, andserve as a distinguished feather species fordecorative purposes. The naturally dyed peacockfeathers can be used for making fascinating homedecor items, or feather craft collectables, etc.Also available in the bleached white color, thesefeathers are often used for their mesmerizingcharm to create expressive fashion accessoriesand millinery purposes.So let’s learn the topdecorative uses of Peacock Feathers.

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Redefine the Charm of Wedding Centerpieces using Natural Peacock


Sought out for their high aesthetic appeal,wedding centerpieces are expected to form thecentre of attraction of a wedding decoration. Thenatural peacock feathers owing to their charmand expressiveness can be amalgamated withPheasant Feathers harmoniously to craft somestriking wedding centerpieces. Peacock featherswholesale can also amount for a mesmerizingfeather theme wedding decorated with feathercurtains, feather bouquets, etc.

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Get your Guest’s Attention with Feather Wreaths using Dyed Peacock Feathers

From making expressive Welcome FeatherWreaths to embellish on your door to decoratingyour walls with adorable feather garlands, thedyed Peacock feathers can help you craft all. Thenaturally colored Peacock Feathers can be usedprudently in a variety of home décor crafts owing ttheir high aesthetic appeal and easy festooninguses. With this, you can easily buy Peacockfeathers in bulk at wholesale prices fromwholesale feather suppliers or online.

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White Peacock Feathers Can Add More to Your Decoration Goals

In addition to the natural colored PeacockFeathers, the White Peacock Feathers have theirown fairy charm that can be explored well formaking various home décor crafts. You candecorate your dinner table lamps using WhitePeacock Feathers, or feather-adorned hanginglamps can also be a perfect centre of attractionfor your dinner party decorations. Inferable fromits charismatic appearance, bleached PeacockFeathers can be mixed with Turkey Feathers tocraft captivating dream catchers.

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Glorify Your Festival Decorations by using Peacock Feathers Wholesale

Be it Carnivals, Thanksgiving, or Christmas,decorations remain one of the most importantparts of your festival celebrations. You can use thePeacock Feathers in bulk along with various otherfeathers to make eye-catching Carnival props andfor Carnival decorations. White Peacock Featherscan be utilized well to make awe-inspiring featherChristmas tree. With this, Thanksgiving decorationscan be adorned with the charm of natural PeacockFeathers in Wholesale.