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Parli pros. Conducting Meetings To Teach State Standards. objectives. Briefly discuss the Parliamentary Procedure & FFA Ceremonies CDEs Highlight State Standards relating to parliamentary procedure Explore ways in which parliamentary procedure can assist in TEAM evaluations - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Parli pros

Parli prosConducting Meetings To Teach State Standards

objectivesBriefly discuss the Parliamentary Procedure & FFA Ceremonies CDEsHighlight State Standards relating to parliamentary procedureExplore ways in which parliamentary procedure can assist in TEAM evaluationsInvestigate promising practices for incorporating parliamentary procedure into classroom curriculumDiscuss tips for preparing students to compete in the Parliamentary Procedure CDE

Parliamentary procedure6 person teamKnowledge examDemonstration10 minutes to presentOral questionsOne per member4 minutes about demonstrationMinutes FFA Ceremonies7 person team grades 7-9Knowledge examDemonstrationState standardsGreenhouse ManagementStandard 11.0The student will develop premier leadership and personal growth needed in a greenhouse management career. Learner Expectations: The student will: 11.1 Discuss how the FFA has changed as agriculture has changed. 11.2 Develop public speaking skills needed in the greenhouse industry. 11.3 Conduct meetings use approved parliamentary law. 11.4 Develop an SAEP, supervised agricultural experience program, for a greenhouse enterprise.

Team strategiesPresenting Instructional Content (5) modeling by teacher to demonstrate expectationsActivities & Materials (5) challenging; student-to-student interaction; provide students with choices; incorporate resources beyond school texts; require creating products; demand self monitoringQuestioning (5) teacher questions are high quality (knowledge & comprehension, application & analysis, creation & evaluation); purposeful; high frequency; provides wait time; students generate questions

Team strategiesAcademic Feedback (5) feedback is academically focused & high quality; given during practice; teacher engages students in giving specific and high-quality feedback to one anotherThinking (5) analytical thinking; practical thinking; creative thinking students analyze, use real life examplesProblem Solving (5) categorization; drawing conclusions/justifying solutions; identifying relevant/irrelevant information; generate ideas

Team strategies an exampleStandard 10.0The student will integrate academic competencies with greenhouse management concepts.

10.8 Demonstrate how basic biological principles of plants affect growth. Evidence standard is met: Recommend plant varieties on the basis of geography and other demographics.

Team strategies an exampleProtocol for parliamentary procedure is in placeTeach lesson about biological principals & plant growthWrite Motion On Board: I move to recommend to the school principal that we plant poinsettias in front of the school for aesthetic appeal.Identify a chair (teacher or student) / Ask for business to be presentedChair handles debate (teacher reinforces parliamentary law)Set expectations/requirements on # of debates before another motion is presentedChair carries main motion through debate until a decision is madeTeacher and students ask questions using how / why / what / when, etc.

Team strategies a twist on the exampleFor literacyGive a reading assignmentPresent motion after reading assignment to help students process what was readFor cooperative groupsDivide class into groups where each group has a chairAssign different motions related to topicPromising practicesElect class officers Officers change each grading periodHold a weekly class meetingClass meeting uses Opening/Closing CeremoniesUse parliamentary procedure to make class decisionsAssignmentsDisciplineActivities Preparation tips A TeamTraining A TeamChairpersonSecretaryOther team members

resourcesResources will come out over listservTeam Tryout TestPurpose of Motions TestMnemonic device to help with memorySample motion card that can be alteredNotes for training a chair personNotes for training membersCompetition schematic

resourcesNAAE Communities of Practice Procedure Instructional Materials

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