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<p>A PRESENTATION ON A STUDY ON CUSTOMER SATISFACTION TOWARDS OREVA E-BIKES" Submitted to: (Kalol Institute of Management) IN PARTIAL FULFILLMENT OF THE REQUIREMENT OF THE AWARD FOR THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF BUSINESS ASMINISTRATION In Gujarat Technological University UNDER THE GUIDANCE OF Asst. professor : Ms. AVANI PATEL </p> <p>APRESENTATIONON</p> <p>A STUDY ON CUSTOMER SATISFACTION TOWARDS OREVA E-BIKES"Submitted to:(Kalol Institute of Management) IN PARTIAL FULFILLMENT OF THEREQUIREMENT OF THE AWARD FOR THE DEGREE OFMASTER OF BUSINESS ASMINISTRATIONInGujarat Technological UniversityUNDER THE GUIDANCE OF Asst. professor : Ms. AVNI PATEL</p> <p>Presented by:RAVI SHARMAEnrollment No.: 117250592103 FARHAN GHANCHI Enrollment No.:117250592074Batch : 2011-13</p> <p>Flow of Presentation</p> <p>Industry OverviewPorters Five Force AnalysisWhy E-Bike?SWOT AnalysisAims and ObjectivesSources of DataSampling Technique And Sample SizeScope and MethodologyQuestionnaire AnalysisFindings and SuggestionConclusion</p> <p>INDUSTRY OVERVIEWThe Indian two-wheeler industry recorded sales volumes of 3.4 million units in Q3, 2011-12, a growth of 11.0 percent (Year-over-Year) but flat (Quarter-over-Quarter). Although the YoY volume growth of the industry remained in double digits, the pace of growth during the last quarter was at its lowest gear in the last three years, says an ICRA report.The deceleration in growth was contributed mainly by the motorcycles segment which grew at a much lower rate of 9.2 percent (Year-over-Year) in Q3, 2011-12, even as the scooters segment continued to post 20 percent + (Year-over-Year) expansion. Overall, ICRA expects the domestic two-wheeler industry to report a volume growth of 13 percent in 2011-12 as ICRA expects growth to fade further in Q4, 2011-12 due to base effect. ( porters five force Analysis)Threat of new entrantsModerateHigher CapitalExpertise in Field needed</p> <p>Inter firm rivalryHighHigh CompetitionElectro herm India LimitedEmmel Wheelers Hero Electric</p> <p> Threat of SubstitutesHighTwo-WheelersEntrance of New international companies. </p> <p>Bargaining Power of Suppliers HighSupplier power is high.Many other manufacturers are buying from suppliers.</p> <p>Bargaining power of buyers ModerateBuyer power is moderateEqually competent companies are available. </p> <p>Why E-Bikes?Global warming is a major concern all around and to save Mother Earth, there are several policies, promises and pledges.With increased number of fossil-fuel dependent vehicles, they not only add to greater level of pollution but are also leading to depletion of fuel resource.SWOTSTRENGTHSMost environment friendly bike with zero pollution.Only 7 paisa/kmNo gear, makes easy drive and comfort.More safety oriented vehicle.Saving of crude oil resources.Huge capacity expansion to meet demand</p> <p>WEAKNESSESNot suitable for more range of speed.(50+)Lack of awareness about electrical bikes in rural area.Very less advertisements about electrical bikes.</p> <p>SWOTOPPORTUNITIESLaunch of electrical three wheelers.Fuel prices touching the highest peak rates.People opt for change in new technology.</p> <p>THREATSLarge number of domestic competitors.Increasing prices of raw materials.Company is under pressure to cut cost to bring down the prices of the bike because competitors are offering at low price.</p> <p>Aims &amp; ObjectivesTo identify customer satisfaction level for PERFECT OREVA E-BIKE Kalol. </p> <p>To study the opinion regarding E-BikeSources of DataPRIMARY: Questionnaire</p> <p>SECONDARY: Web sites, News paper,Magazine, Book and Authorized Dealer Shop Sampling Technique And Sample SizeConvenient SamplingSampling unit: Users of Perfect Oreva E-Bike in KALOL Area.Sampling size: 50Scope of Study : Kalol</p> <p>Scope and MethodologyIn the research we have used the survey research approach. We have used to identify the consumers needs and preference or satisfaction level for PERFECT OREVA E-BIKE KALOL.</p> <p>Questionnaire AnalysisQ1 How long been using OREVA E-Bikes?</p> <p>Q-2 What Do You Feel About Price of the Electric Bike ?</p> <p>Q-3 The factors affecting purchase of OREVA E- Bike:</p> <p>Q-4 What is your opinion about the long riding of OREVA E-Bike?</p> <p>Q-5 Rate the following attributes according to your opinion regarding OREVA E-Bike.</p> <p>Q-6 Rate your satisfactory level of Oreva E-Bike after sales service?</p> <p>Q-7 What is the maintenance cost (Quarterly)? </p> <p>Q-8 How do you feel about the overall performance of this vehicle?</p> <p>Q-9 Please state whether you would recommend our products </p> <p>FindingsOREVA E bike is capturing market share into the Electronic bikes from the survey it results into a customer who are using the vehicle from 1-3 years.Most of the customers are not much satisfied with the price of the product, and Price quoted by the companies has affected the customer satisfaction to a great deal.Customers were satisfied with the mileage of the Electric bikes and are convinced about the electric bike benefits and were willing to refer it to their friends.Maximum number of the customers feel the speed of the Electric bikes to be very low and were not satisfied with the current speed of the bikes.After sales service is at the average level where customer are not optimum satisfiers.Customers are satisfied with overall performance of the vehicle because of its economy in mileage and the novice in driving.</p> <p>SuggestionsThere are only few advertisements in newspapers and TVs. Thus maximum advertisements need to be put up in these Medias as they reach wider audiences and for boost up advertisement must be done through social media campaign advertisements.More number of service centers need to be opened at least in major areas to cater to the problems &amp; needs of the customers when needed.As most of the people prefer high speed thus the electric bikes needs technology upgrade so as to increase the sales of the E-Bikes.The price of the electric bikes need to be decreased it can be done by adopting sophisticated technologies and carrying out mass productions or some discounts on price or offers should be given in order to increase the sales.As appearance plays a major role for most of the customers while making purchasing decisions so the Electric Bikes need to be made more attractive.</p> <p>ConclusionFrom the study conducted it was concluded that few number of respondents are not aware of OREVA Electric bikes. So various promotional activities need to be taken in order to increase the awareness level &amp; thereby increase the sales. The study also identified and evaluated the consumer perception toward various factor about electric bike. The result of this study shows that there is a combination of both positive and negative effect of that factor on consumer perception. Here most of the respondents consider the cost and the mileage while purchasing a bike, so there are ample potential to electric bike in two wheeler sectors. BibliographyBOOKS :The following books, which are lots of help in completion of project. Those are stated at below:Marketing Management by Philip Kotler, The Millennium Edition, Published by Prentice Hall India.WEBSITE :WWW.OREVA.COMWWW.EVfuture.COMWWW.WIKIPEDIA.COMWWW.ELECTRICBIKES.COM</p> <p>Thank You !!!</p>