Oracle EPM What does all this stuff really do ... ?? Getting the Most out of EPM: Oracle Hyperion What does all this stuff really do? August 16, 2013

Download Oracle EPM What does all this stuff really do ... ??  Getting the Most out of EPM: Oracle Hyperion  What does all this stuff really do? August 16, 2013

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www.finitsolutions.comGetting the Most out of EPM:Oracle Hyperion What does all this stuff really do?August 16, 2 -We strongly believe that Service + Solutions = Maximum ValueService Compensation model based upon client satisfaction with consultants work, not utilization / chargeability. No external owners and Finit partners are involved in every full-cycle implementation. Employees, not contractors.Solutions Finit consultants are Hyperion product experts who enjoy designing, building and deploying great solutions, applications and processes. Finit works closely with Oracle Hyperion development on product strategy and beta testing.Finits 3 -Our client service approach has led to 100% customer satisfaction for every Finit client (over 185 and counting) for every Oracle Hyperion project (over 325 and counting).Finits Client 4 -Finit AnswersFinit Answers provides the proper support offering for your Business Hyperion Product Expertise: Finit has been offering Oracle Hyperion EPM services and support as a company since our inception (July 2002) - staffed by our Hyperion Subject Matter Experts. Finit is providing a unique pledge for Hyperion Enterprise Customers: Any Hyperion Enterprise related fees can be applied to a future project to replace Hyperion Enterprise with Finit Solutions. Allow Finit Answers to be your personal Hyperion Insurance Policy Flexibility: We offer a pay as you go option (pay for only the time you use) along with several other levels of support that we can customize to meet your needs:1. Time And Materials Support: You only pay for the time you use (no monthly fees)2. Dedicated Critical Support: Technical Application Support with a guaranteed 2-hour response time3. Remote Consulting Assistance: Ask us to review your HFM Rules, Essbase Calcs, consolidations, FDM Integrations, custom reports, etc.4. Managed Services: Application Administrator Assistance (Primary or Secondary) CONTACT Greg Barrett ( for more informationFinit Solutions Official Support Offering:Answers & Support with Efficient, Responsive 5 -Some Finit 6 -About the PresenterJoe Mizerk( 20 years working in Hyperion world Client, UpStream, Hyperion, Oracle Former Hyperion Enterprise Administrator Director at 7 -1. Overview of the various EPM ProductsThe Financial Close Suite (Consolidations)Planning and Forecasting SuiteOther Hyperion tools and their place2. How can we best utilize all these products?Finit presents some of our best customs solutionsAgendawww.finitsolutions.comGetting the Most out of EPM:Oracle Hyperion What does all this stuff really do and how?Introduction to all the various EPM 9 - Integrates data from multiple transaction systems Automates and links strategic and financial management processes Modular, integrated suite Over 6,000 customers #1 Market Share (Gartner 2013)Oracle BI FoundationCommon Administration ServicesStrategy ManagementFinancial Close and Reporting Planning andForecastingProfitabilityManagementHyperion Performance Management 10 -FinancialConsolidationDataAssurance DocumentManagement& FilingFinancial &Mgmt. ReportingERP: Oracle, SAP, Legacy, OtherFinancial Close ManagementFinance DashboardTaxProvisionTransactions ReportingGovernance, Risk & ComplianceOracles Financial Close 11 - HFM Plus (Plus means you get reports) FDM ERPi Financial Data Quality Management FCM w/ARM Financial Close Manager w/ Account Reconciliation Mgr. DM - Disclosure Management Optional EAL - Essbase Analytic Link OFMA - Optional Oracle Financial Management Analytics Tax Provision Module - OptionalFinancial Close Suite (FCS) 12 -Hyperion Financial Management(HFM) Traditional Financial Consolidation Intercompany Cash flow Foreign exchange Minority interests Tax provision Journal Entries Audit trails & Process control Unstructured information Flash reporting with 13 -Financial Data Quality Management (FDM)Audit Trails 85+ Audit/Check Reports Store current and historical mapping definitions, docs Allow dynamic drill through to source ERP and filesData Collectionand Transformation Read and interpret G/L trial balance files and ERP Mapping validation againsttarget system dimensions Data & meta data integrity checking against data validation rulesInternal Controls Source financial documentarchival Prepackaged audit and internal control reports Comprehensive role basedsecurityRepeatableProcesses Single standard and defined solution for any target application Standard upward data certification 14 -FDM Enterprise Edition (FDMEE)New User Interface ( 15 -TASK MANAGEMENTPROCESS MONITORINGACCOUNT RECONCILIATIONSACTIVE CALENDARActive integration with EPM andERP systemsExecutive Dashboard ViewsCentralized web based task management and collaborationAutomation through matching capabilities and integration with all sourcesFinancial Close Management (FCM) 16 -Accounts Reconciliation Manager (ARM)Load BalancesLoad BalancesAuto ReconciliationAuto ReconciliationEmail NotificationsEmail NotificationsPreparationPreparationReviewReviewLate NoticesLate NoticesMonitoringMonitoring Designed to support accounting reconciliation processes General Ledger Reconciliations (aka Balance Sheet Reconciliations) Consolidation System Reconciliations Tax Reconciliations Any other reconciliation that performs a periodic validation of an account balance ARM solves a compliance documentation problem by managing reconciliation processes and storing evidence that reconciliations 17 -Essbase Analytics Link (EAL)HFM Database ServerLoad external datato the 18 -Disclosure Management (DM) Offers a complete XBRL creation and management solution XBRL Taxonomy management, editing and viewing Enterprise level XBRL mapping that consists of: Report level mapping within MS Word / Excel, Smart View Reusable data source metadata mapping within Oracles Hyperion Financial Management, Planning and Essbase Instance document creation, validation and viewing Full 10k/10q (HTML) support Utilizes best-in-class technology for XBRL Utilizes Oracle UCM technology for doc mgmt New Feature for Press Releases etc. (Variables) 19 -Oracle Financial Management Analytics (OFMA) 20 -Tax Provision Module (HTP)Financial & Tax Consolidation Source SystemsGLTax Return AssetsOtherHTPProcess ManagementRules EngineValidationsJournalsAudit TrackingInter-companyHFMData Load RepositoryAudit, Security & ControlDrill-through FDMSource Mappings TargetDisclosureOFMA (Tax Analytics -PS3) Financial Reporting Smart View Report BooksText/GL/XLS etc.Financial & Tax ReportingTax Provision Forms(incl. manual input)Tax AutomationTax Provision ReportsTax Provision Data ModelTax Provision 21 -21Oracle Enterprise PlanningFinancials Supply Chain & Logistics Human ResourcesLong Term PlanningCorporate DevelopmentTreasury ManagementValue ManagementHyperion Strategic FinanceIntegrated Revenue & Profit PlanningCall Center Operations PlanningKey Materials & Capacity ModelingInventory Exposure ModelingCRM Manufacturing Operational planning constraints to assess feasibility of financial plans Corporate finance to link operations to capital allocation and financing decisionsAnnual Budgeting / ForecastingProject Financial PlanningCapital Expense PlanningWorkforce Financial PlanningHyperion PlanningCustomer ProfitabilityProduct ProfitabilityComplex multi-tiered AllocationsHyperion Profitability Cost Mgmt.User Input User 22 - Hyperion Planning Plus Workforce Planning Module Capital Asset Module Project Financial Planning Public Sector Planning Financial Services Planning Strategic Finance Crystal Ball - Optional FDM DRM Data Relationship Management (Steward)-OptionalEnterprise Planning 23 - QUANTITATIVE MANAGEMENT AND REPORTING FOR SOLVENCY II European focus and not seen in USEnterprise Planning 24 - Used to drive collaborative, web based operational planning processes throughout the organization Cost Centers Business units Create revenue and / or cost drivers Detailed product and / or customer views Iterative Planning, budgeting, and forecasting cycles Track activity throughout, who is submitted, who is approved, who is late Support complex business rules and drivers for a more efficient process with less manual entryHyperion 25 -Planning Enablers - Highlights Organizational Collaboration Finance, Operations, Business Unit Managers Simplification & Standardization For changes System Alignment Within the EPM environment Spreadsheet Reduction Data Standards & Automation Pre-populating data, common data models, hierarchies, etc. Driver Based Concepts Align process to business Rolling Forecast Allows for continuous monitoring and measurement Reduced Level of Detail - What is key to business? Rapid Forecasting 24 hrs - automation, drivers, web 26 -Pre-Built for easier & faster deployments: Workforce Planning Module Headcount, Salary, Compensation Capital Asset Module Additions, Deletions, Transfers Project Financial Planning Pre-defined dimension members, forms, business rules, menus, task lists, smart lists, validation rules & project planning plan types Integrated Human & Capital Resource Management Covers Contract, Capital, Indirect projectsPlanning 27 - Public Sector Planning Unique for Healthcare, Govt, and Higher Education Financial Services Planning Banks and other pure asset management organizationsOther Planning items: Exalytics In-memory Machine for Planning very fast Planning in the Cloud On demand service to be released later in 2013Planning 28 -Hyperion Strategic Finance (HSF)High level planningLong term outlookTreasury ManagementMerger and Acquisition analysisCapitalization scenario modelingBenefits Integrate and align strategic and financial planning Less dependence on outside advisory firms for running scenarios Consistent experience across entire planning 29 -Crystal Ball Functional Summary Statistical prediction scenarios built into Hyperion Planning Uses Oracle Crystal Ball Predictor to analyze historical data and project trends and patterns into the future Benefits Enable business users to leverage statistical forecasting techniques Improve accuracy of forecasts and plans Automatically forecast best and worst case scenarios in addition to base 30 -Data Relationship Management (DRM) Best of breed enterprise dimension management solution: Mature product Strong user base Technology agnostic Automation of dimension alignment: Reduce manual efforts and errors Increase data quality Complete audit trail & roll back Business value: Process alignment and simplification Simplify system rollouts & maintenance Close-cycle 31 -Data Relationship Management (DRM)Gain visibility to the Current StateApply Changes & Model the FutureCompare & MapEnforce RulesIntegrate w/ Systems & ProcessesAudit all 32 -Hyperion Profitability & Cost Management (HPCM)Functional Summary Addresses need for detailed profitability and costs allocated to low levels Highly detailed multi-step allocations Complex driver scenariosBenefits Takes what would formerly be complex custom solutions and productizes them in an application Granular analysis of costs and profits: Millions of customers, SKUs, subscribers, products, transactions Manage cost development and cost application in a single 33 - OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) Server Provides an environment for: Deploying pre-packaged applications Developing custom analytic and enterprise performance management applications. Quickly model complex business scenarios Oracle Essbase, along with Oracle BI Suite Enterprise Edition Plus, is part of the Oracle BI Foundation Take data from BI and perform what-ifs, 34 - Adaptable data storage mechanism for specific types of analytic and performance management information Flexible and highly usable via a spreadsheet interface Examples: Cost Center Analysis Product Profitability Sales Analysis Product Cost Analysis Departmental or Business unit analytical requests 35 - Integrates data from multiple transaction systems Automates and links strategic and financial management processes Modular, integrated suite Over 6,000 customers #1 Market Share (Gartner 2013)Oracle BI FoundationCommon Administration ServicesStrategy ManagementFinancial Close and Reporting Planning andForecastingProfitabilityManagementHyperion Performance Management Applicationswww.finitsolutions.comGetting the Most out of EPM:Oracle Hyperion What does all this stuff really do and how?Finit reveals some of our best custom 37 -Project DetailsHFM and Planning Implementation Client wanted to keep IC in both applications in sync and fully reconciled at all timesUnlike HFM, Planning (Essbase) does not have a built in ICP Dimension or Elimination Logic Built intercompany eliminations into Planning (not easy to do, but it is possible) to ensure that consolidated data reconciles to HFM and the two applications are in sync.Intercompany Eliminations in Hyperion 38 -Challenge Integrate and automate data from HFM/FDM with non-Hyperion productsSolution: Created custom .dll that can call EA (Extended Analytics) Created custom table in FDM for users to enter parameters Used that process to extract data into a .txt Text File custom formatted for 3rd-Party SoftwarePushing HFM/FDM data 39 -Automating the Movement of data from one HFM app to another Users run HFM Task-flow to trigger EA extract Data is sent to database, trigger file created in FDM outbox folder Task manager runs writes data to a text file saved in batch folder whenever it sees the trigger file File is batch loaded into FDM (and thus HFM) Email is sent notifying of errors or successful load Data tie out sheet is automatically generated and emailed out to select users The Easy 40 - The ability to write data via Smart View is a role that users either have or dont have the ability to do. Budget and Forecast users need this role to be able to submit and modify their Budget and Forecast submissions. However, if those same users have access to the Actual scenario they would also be able to modify their Actual data via Smart View SOLUTION Used one of the custom dimensions in HFM for Type of data load Gave users access to only certain members in that dimension Customized the FDM Adapter to so that the connection being made to HFM was different based on the dimension we used for Type. Thus, if a user tried to load to the Custom Dimension Member of Forecast via Smart View she would be permitted, but she would be denied from loading to Actual via Smart ViewShould you allow users to load Actual Data via Smart View? 41 -HFM and Essbase Project to replace Hyperion Enterprise Biggest Challenge = users wanted to look at data in HFM and Essbase in real-time; i.e. both Apps needed to be current and fully tied out at all times Solution: Customized FDM to do the tie out of HFM and Essbase for us Data is pulled out of both applications, pushed into an FDM location that is set up to do the comparison (everything should net to zero) For any account level detail that does not tie an entry is made to load back into Essbase to force the apps to be in sync (HFM is the book of records)The Squeeze 42 -Many companies evaluate their results at different rates (e.g. Actuals at Budget Rates, Actuals at Last Year rates, etc.).Unfortunately, this is can be a very manual process and it takes time to consolidate all those different scenarios Custom Solution: by using a custom dimension to store some of this data you can automate much of the work and greatly reduce consolidationsThus, users see the data in real time not days after Month End Close is already completedConstant Rate 43 -Questions?Email us for acopy of the slides orlink to the recording.Thank you for attending!- > > General Questions Greg Barrett ( Joe Mizerk ( 44 -Sign up for Kscope13 using the FINIT code for a $100 discount on Registration! 45 -1. 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