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OptiCx Trend is one of the key Web and mobile apps of the OptiCx Platform that keeps customers connected to their building systems and performance at all times. It provides anytime, anywhere performance and energy management from Web, tablet or mobile.


  • 1. The OptiCx Platform by Optimum Energy dramatically reduces the energy consumption of your com- plex building systems to help you lighten your energy footprint and shrink costs by up to 50% year after year. OptiCx Trend is one of the key Web and mobile apps of the OptiCx Platform that keeps you connected to your building systems and performance at all times. It gives you anytime, anywhere performance and energy management from Web, tablet or mobile. OptiCx Trend What Does Trend Help Me Do? Stay connected to the OptiCx Platform at all times. View current and historical energy, carbon and dollar savings. See precisely how efficiently your buildings are performing and how much energy they are using any given moment, week, month or year. Share performance and efficiency metrics with others in one click. Verify progress toward sustainability goals. Proactively diagnose and respond to performance changes in real time. TM How Do I Access Trend? Trend is included with your subscription to the OptiCx Platform, and it is available through: All major web browsers iOS app on iTunes Android app on Google Play More information: www.optimumenergyco.com 3. Optimize1. Design 2. Implement Platform Enhancements* Machine Learning Modules Web and Mobile Apps Optimization Services Operational Modules OptimumLOOP TM OptimumVAV TM OptimumHT TM * Technical Support Reporting Services *Machine Learning Modules and OptimumHT are in beta mode in 2014, available to select customers only. The OptiCx Platform

2. OptiCx Trend Overview Trend provides continuous optimization monitoring and reveals how the OptiCx Platform impacts building performance. It reveals key savings, efficiency and optimization data, and helps you effectively diagnose and respond to issues in real time. Savings Trend tracks and displays what your organization is saving with the OptiCx Platform at both the plant and equipment levels. See how much money, energy (kWh) and carbon (pounds of CO2 ) the OptiCx Platform is saving each building. Verify progress against sustainability goals, and compare current performance against predicted and pre-optimization levels. View both real-time and historical metrics. Efficiency Trend monitors plant equipment and efficiency as conditions such as temperature, humidity or occupancy change. If the platform is optimizing multiple sites, you can see how your entire building portfolio is performing. You can track how current buildings are performing today compared to pre-implementation levels. Trend reveals real-time and historical efficiency metrics. Optimization To achieve maximum savings, a plant must be optimized as fully as possible at all times. You choose whether the OptiCx Platform is in ON, OFF or PARTIAL optimization modes, and Trend reveals real-time and historical views of site optimization trends. 411 First Avenue South #620 Seattle WA 98104 888.211.0918 www.optimumenergyco.com Respond to & Share Performance Trends As They Happen The ability to quickly assess how plants and building systems are performing at any given time ensures you can diagnose and respond to unexpected performance changes as they happen. The Trend mobile app makes it easy to share data with stakeholders directly from the app with a single click. ABOUT OPTIMUM ENERGY Optimum Energy provides True OptimizationTM data-driven HVAC energy optimization solutions for campuses and large facilities. A growing number of enterprise organizations have come to depend on Optimum's proven track record of fulfilling and exceeding sustainability targets through the OptiCxTM System. Optimum combines data science and engineering expertise to reduce operational expenses by as much as 50%, while increasing the productivity of facility support personnel. These gains are achieved and sustained through Real-Time Dynamic Commissioning, which fights performance drift and enables automated, continuous commissioning through dynamic adaptation of the entire heating and cooling system. For more information, please visit www.optimumenergyco.com.