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I gave this presentation at the Operator API seminar at MWC14. To some degree it is based on a global developer survey which we conducted to better understand how developers perceive the value of operator APIs and services. You can find a blog post with more details, the slides and links to the white paper "The Value of Operator APIs for Developers" here: http://manfredbo.tumblr.com/post/78755173151/operator-apis-what-developers-think


  • 1.@ManfredBoOperator APIs & Services What Developers think Manfred Bortenschlager MWC, Operator API Seminar Barcelona, 24/02/2014Restricted - Confidential Information GSMA 2013 All GSMA meetings are conducted in full compliance with the GSMAs anti-trust compliance policy

2. @ManfredBoDevelopers are key GSMA 20112Image source: http://www.vislandrovers.nl/ 3. @ManfredBoDevelopers are key in the app/API value chainAPI Provider (Operator) GSMA 20113DeveloperApp/ Service/ WebsiteApp Consumer 4. @ManfredBoDevelopers are key in the app/API value chainAPI Provider (Operator) GSMA 20114DeveloperApp/ Service/ WebsiteApp Consumer 5. @ManfredBoDevelopers are key in the app/API value chainAPI Provider (Operator) GSMA 20115DeveloperApp/ Service/ WebsiteApp Consumer 6. @ManfredBoDX because developers are people, tooRead more on DX here. GSMA 20116Image source: http://dx.jeremiahlee.com/ 7. @ManfredBoDX because developers are people, tooValuable GSMA 20117Simple 8. @ManfredBoDeveloper survey GSMA 20118 9. @ManfredBoClose the gap: valuable GSMA 20119 10. @ManfredBoClose the gap: valuable Top 5 technology adoption reasons 1. Ability to reach users(57%)2. Speed & cost of development 3. Performance 4. Documentation 5. Ability to generate revenue(44%)Developer Economics, Q1/2014, n=6041 GSMA 201110 11. @ManfredBoClose the gap: simple GSMA 201111Image source: http://boulderpsychotherapy.interactivebrain.org 12. @ManfredBoClose the gap: simple Please allow any developer to engage with the MNO platform without signing complicated agreements. Document the platform and its APIs without signup; provide test/sandbox servers and ways to test an app without signing an agreement; write example libraries and put them on github. Developers make the platform vibrant, and developers are not interested in engaging in a "partnership" model; Allow anyone to work with your APIs and then they will do so. GSMA 201112 13. @ManfredBoWith public sentiment, nothing can fail; without it nothing can succeed.- Abraham Lincoln GSMA 201113Image source: http://wikipedia.org/ 14. Developer Survey White Paper:The Value of Operator APIs for Developersgsma.com/oneapi > Resources


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