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<ol><li> 1. Engaging Patients and Clinicians inmHealth through the OpenmHealthPlatformIda Sim, MD, PhDCo-Founder, OpenmHealthDirector, Center for Clinical and Translational Informatics University of California San Francisco September 20, 2011 </li><li> 2. mHealth: Full of sound and fury, signifying nothing? Hype Cycle, Gartner Group </li><li> 3. Plateau of Productivity A Learning Healthcare System that isdesigned to generate and apply the bestevidence for the collaborative health carechoices of each patient and provider; todrive the process of discovery as a naturaloutgrowth of patient care U.S. Institute of Medicine, Roundtable Charter </li><li> 4. Global Impact of Chronic Disease WHO | Facts related to Chronic Disease </li><li> 5. Global Cost of Chronic Disease $47 trillionby 2030 $14.7 trillion US 2010 GDP World Economic Forum, 2011 </li><li> 6. Almost 1/2 ofAmerican adults haveat least 1 chronicdisease obesity (~1/3) heart disease and stroke cancer diabetes arthritis CDC Chronic Disease Overview </li><li> 7. Stovepiped mHealth Health apps builtindependently little data sharing and interoperability Resulting userexperience is </li><li> 8. Siloed mHealthPlateau of Diminished Promise </li><li> 9. Why open architecture? </li><li> 10. Stovepiped mHealth Limits the emergentpower and potentialof mHealth </li><li> 11. Internet Hourglass Model Standardize andmake open thenarrow waist Reduces duplication,spurs communityinnovation, supportscommercial and non-prot uses </li><li> 12. OpenmHealth.orgEstrin DE, Sim I. Science; 330: 759-60. 2010. </li><li> 13. Open Architecture forUser Engagement Dene, build, and share modules of the basicdata-related functions common to engagingpatients and clinicians data trending (e.g., is weight really down?) signal detection (e.g, asthma exacerbation?) inferencing (e.g, activity = walk,run,bike,car?) data visualization (e.g., stock infographics) Exploring user interaction, incentives, gaming </li><li> 14. Tipping towards Open First openmHealth collaborative pilot PTSD Coach, with VA National PTSD Center Looking for other pilots to drive key componentsof shared architecture, e.g., gaming incentives Supporting best practices and generation of bestevidence Sensitive to needs of all communities </li><li> 15. Goal for mHealth Ecosystem Becomes a learning community enabled by an openarchitecture, to more eectively innovate, share,and deploy best technology and best practices forimproving individual and population health </li><li> 16. Ida Sim Deborah Estrin a project of the Tides Center ( Funding Robert Wood Johnson Foundation California Health Care Foundation Collaborators MIT, Columbia, CMU, Northwestern, Google, Microsoft HealthVault, Curious, </li></ol>