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This event was held during the celebrations of the Open Access Week on October 23rd 2013 for the Arts and Humanities Faculty at Royal Holloway University of London


  • Open Access Publishing: Understanding the implications for the Arts and Humanities Nancy Pontika, PhD Information Consultant for Research @nancypontika Library Services 23/10/2013
  • Open Access Open-access (OA) literature is digital, online, free of charge, and free of most copyright and licensing restrictions. What makes it possible is the internet and the consent of the author or copyright-holder (Suber, 2007) 2 Library Services
  • Library Services Routes to open access Repositories Green route Gold route Journals Open Access Journals offer peer-reviewed research. 30% charge an Article Processing Charge (APC), 70% do not Subscription based journals that offer an open route- hybrid journalsalways (100%) charge Article Processing Charges (APCs) 3 Institutional Royal Holloway Research Online Subject Repositories - Do NOT perform peer-review - Pre-prints, post-prints, final version - Standardised: OAI-PMH compatible
  • Royal Holloway Open Access Publications Policy Library Services Research Councils promote unrestricted access to published outputs from the research they fund Aims to maximise the visibility, citation, usage and impact of the College's research output Aims to minimise the effort to provide open online access to Colleges research From September 1st 2010, it is a requirement for all researchers to submit copies of their research outputs, after they have been accepted as suitable for publication, to the Institutional Repository accessed via Pure ( 4
  • RCUK Policy on Access to Research Outputs (July 2012) Library Services In effect from April 1st 2013 Journal articles and conference proceedings RCUK green compliant journals: 7/8 of 40% UKs OA literature, worlds 20% - Allow self-archiving in repositories - 12 months embargo period for STEM - 24 months embargo period for HSS RCUK will provide funding to enable: 45% compliance the first year 50% compliance the second year RCUK gold compliant journals: [ - Open Access or hybrid journals with CC-BY es/121108.aspx] Article Processing Charges (APCs) 59% paid by funder, 24% institution, 12% author Double dipping, no transparency in publishers subscription deals 5
  • Policy for the Administration of the RCUK Block Grant for Open Access to Fund Article Processing Charges: Part 1 Library Services On April 1st 2013 Royal Holloway received a block grant from RCUK to cover Article Processing Charges (APCs) The funds from the APC block grant are allocated on a first come, first served basis Corresponding authors must make an APC application prior to submitting an article for publishing Decisions on awarding funds for APCs are not based on academic criteria but only on verification of the eligibility criteria 6
  • Case study 1: Repositories / Green route RCUK-funded author chooses to publish in Journal X Journal X complies with the RCUK open access policy via the green route only Author submits article to the journal and self-archives into the repository respecting the embargo period 7 Library Services
  • Case study 2: Journals / Gold route RCUK-funded author chooses to publish in Journal X Journal X complies with the RCUK open access policy via the gold route only Author applies to the Library for an APC grant prior to submission. The application is accepted and author submits article to Journal X Article is published with a CC-BY license 8 Library Services
  • Case study 3: Green OA and Gold OA Library Services RCUK-funded author chooses to publish in Journal X Journal X complies with the RCUK open access policy both via Gold OA and Green OA There is no RCUK funding available anymore at Royal Holloway. Author complies with the green route by self-archiving into the repository 9
  • Case study 4: Foreign Journals RCUK-funded author chooses to publish in Journal X, which is a foreign journal Journal X has no provision about the RCUK open access policy Author contacts publisher to ask if s/he can have a special agreement t0 help her/him comply with the RCUK open access policy: Option 1: Publisher agrees and author submits the article to the journal Option 2: Publisher disagrees. Author chooses to publish somewhere else Option 3: Publisher disagrees. Author chooses to publish in Journal X and not comply with the RCUK open access policy 10 Library Services
  • HEFCE: Consultation on the criteria for post-2014 REF Green open access only/ repository submission The outputs that the criteria apply to are: Journal articles or conference proceedings only Published after a two year notice period (i.e. 2016) With UK HEIs in address field Consultation from the UK HEIs: Licenses: CC-BY or any other liberal license Immediate deposit or delayed deposit Full compliance or percentage compliance 11 Library Services
  • Library Services Library Services Open Access Team provides support on APC funding allocation, manages applications and administers the APC block grant Library offers consultation on alternative ways of complying with the RCUK policy, i.e. green OA and self-archiving Consultation on copyrights Consultation on research data management 12
  • Library Services Thank you! Q&A Website and Contact information: Open Access: Email: & Twitter: @OpenRHUL 13