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  • 1. Online Marketing Strategies That Work

2. If you own a website or other business on the internet,you need customers. With all the competing websites,how do they find you? You need to have some goodstrategies for marketing an online business if you are tobe successful. 3. One of the most used strategies for marketing an onlinebusiness is learning to get a high search engine ranking.If you don't rank highly you may have difficulty beingfound. There are some key methods for high ranking.Start by keeping everything on your site relevant to thesubject. This makes good sense anyway because oncethe customer has found you, you want him to stickaround. Choose a domain name and website title thatfit well with your business keywords. Your title shouldbe easy to remember. Links to your website make adifference in search engine rankings, so contact sitesthat offer information complementing yours and ask forreciprocal links. One of the best ways to get 4. links to your website is to write well keyworded articlesabout it. There are literally thousands upon thousandsof article directories online that can provide one waylinks back to your website. This is "THE" most effectiveway to obtaining a page rank. More commonly usednow is article submission software that makes it easy tosubmit to these article directories. There are of coursecompanies out there that do this for you for a small fee.Just be aware that this information can change as searchengines redesign their methods for relevant results. 5. Using pay-per-click advertising is another effective andfast way to get listed high in the search engines. Thereare several providers of pay-per-click advertising. Someexamples are Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketingand MSN adCenter. Make sure when signing on to apay-per-click advertising campaign to experiment withyour ads to see which are most effective. Then whenyou find a good ad that has a high click through rate youcan delete the rest. It pays to check out a variety of pay-per-click advertisers to see which suits your needs thebest. 6. Weblogs or more commonly known as "Blogs" are anewer source for marketing an online business. Theytend to rank well, and consumers like them. Use yourblog to talk about your industry and provide links toyour website. Since everyone and their dog now has ablog there are problems that arise though. Spam is a bigproblem in todays online world and measures have beentaken to stop all the spam. The popular free blog host"" has been cancelling accounts for suchuse. The best way to divert this problem is to host yourown blog on your server. Bloggers publishing featureallows you to publish to blogspot or your own server.Using this feature to publish to your own FTP server 7. is a way you can put what ever you like on your blog andnot be penalized for spam. 8. And last but not least is the use of traffic exchanges.Considered by many to be ineffective, a well made andpresentable splash page or squeeze page that has aninformation gathering form can convert surfers intocustomers and even repeat customers. When searchingfor traffic exchanges be sure to check them out first.Make sure that the traffic exchange your going to join isa well known, high ranked program. 9. Marketing an online business is essential for success.Using all the marketing strategies at your disposaltogether will ensure that your traffic grows and youedge out your competition. 10.