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<ul><li> ONLINE LIFE: PINTEREST, INSTAGRAM, AND TUMBLR Michelle Vonderhaar Technology Training Coordinator Wednesday, March 12, 2014 </li> <li> Pinterest? What is Pinterest? </li> <li> What are they talking about? Pins Repins Likes Comments </li> <li> Pins? </li> <li> Boards </li> <li> What do I Pin? </li> <li> Followers </li> <li> Sign up for Pinterest </li> <li> What is ? </li> <li> Photos in your PhotoStream Username Likes and Comments Photo! Tools </li> <li> How Do I Upload a Photo? Filters Editing Tools Upload Button </li> <li> Share Your Photo </li> <li> You Need an App Sign Up for Instagram </li> <li> What is ? </li> <li> What should I share? </li> <li> Likes and Reblogging? Liking or Sharing the posts of others on your Tumblr </li> <li> Sign Up for Tumblr </li> <li> Help! How to Use Pinterest for Beginners,2817,2418048,00.asp Pinterest Terms of Service How to Use Instagram How to Use Tumblr tumblr/ </li> <li> Questions? </li> </ul>