Online Activity & Career Success By Maintaining a Positive Online Presence Kathleen E. High, M. Ed. Adjunct Career Counselor Cypress College.

Download Online Activity & Career Success By Maintaining a Positive Online Presence Kathleen E. High, M. Ed. Adjunct Career Counselor Cypress College.

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  • Online Activity & Career Success By Maintaining a Positive Online Presence Kathleen E. High, M. Ed. Adjunct Career Counselor Cypress College
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  • Why Worry About Your Online Presence? Online Presence gives others an impression of you Once information is online, anyone can access it Online information is difficult to remove People judge you for what they find: Employers Colleges Prospective dates Family, friends and other social groups Financial loan processors, etc. Lawyers (divorce & lawsuits), law enforcement, media, etc. If you are not online, you may be perceived as technologically illiterate 50-80% of todays 2-year-olds have an online presence Experts expect Online Presence to replace rsums in 10 years Posting someone elses private information could result in legal problems.
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  • Consider the following Scenario: You are connected to a person, who posts inappropriately: Boss Hiring Manager Teacher College Recruiter Parent Pastor/Clergy Mortgage Loan Agent Exs Divorce Lawyer How would you respond to the following post?
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  • What Other People See In Your Behavior Addicted? Inattentive? Lacking courtesy, manners, and social skills? What kind of reference would they provide?
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  • What is Online Presence? Social Networking (personal and professional) Photos and videos Professional email address Web domains Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, etc. There are age-related stereo types about who uses what email server Blogs posting & responding Personal Branding Taglines Visual appeal (graphic design) Additional items: Voice Mail Text messaging
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  • Current Trends/Controversies Big Picture: Social Networking is a new phenomenon that is growing very rapidly Trends and technology come and go Cant anticipate problems that will result from new activities such as social networking Laws have not caught up with technology Too much private information is readily available through an online search engines and re-posts Cyberbullying has devastating affects on young people Identity theft is pervasive including social media Sexting messages often find their way onto the Internet
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  • Current Trends/Controversies Institutions Perspective: Associates (employees, students, prospective employees, etc.) use online inappropriately, which affects the institution: Embarrass or compromise the institutions reputation Reveal confidential information Abuse their work time for personal use Reveal character/integrity flaws Use institutional resources for illegal activities Reveals illegal activity Want to monitor associate use (for reasons above) Want to know if future students/employees will be a good fit Concern that information found could make them vulnerable to lawsuits (discrimination, etc.) Could be held liable when associate does something illegal, and they knew about it through online monitoring Need to have appropriate use policies in place, but may not Security Clearance related positions have higher standards
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  • Current Trends/Controversies Individuals Perspective: Individuals have a right to privacy. Do they violate it by posting online? Should employers, schools, churches, etc. have a right to monitor? How much information should they have access to? If yes, how do they gain access? Should you give out your passwords to prospective employers?
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  • What is Personal Branding? Similar to product branding or company branding A unified, consistent message and image about your personal character, professional aspirations, and what makes you stand out. General (visual) Consistent look (logo, color palette, fonts, layout style, etc.) Consistent, professional photos Tagline Online: Social Media multiple sites (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) Website (including personalized domain) Email Address Blogs Posts & Reposts Offline: Elevator Pitch Business Cards Rsums
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  • So What Can You Do to Control Your Online Presence? Use social networks strategically Search your name via Google or other search engine Check public records (court documents & property ownership) Check credit rating (for certain jobs) Use a social media search tool: Clean up any questionable material Untag yourself in friends unflattering photos or ask them to remove Restrict your privacy settings Profile, Contacts, Applications & Websites, Search Engines Have lists of friends (family, work, friends, school, etc.) Create two Facebook (or other) Accounts One for personal use One for professional use Be selective about what you post: If you dont want your boss to know, dont post it.
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  • Use Social Networks Strategically Social Networking Types - Use them strategically Personal Share pictures, videos and personal updates Blogging Be mindful of privacy settings Business To promote and conduct your business Job Search For networking and job search Employment To network and brand yourself
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  • Develop Your Personal Brand Clarify your Bio statement Paragraph version 1-sentence version (Mission statement, dream job, tag line, etc.) Identify what makes you professionally unique Create an elevator pitch Have at least one professional photo Be consistent across social media sites Images Facts Personal Brand Message Join professional groups Engage in professional dialogs Comment on other professionals posts and articles
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  • Use Only Professional Pictures Use Professional Photos Current It still looks like you, clearly shows your face Flattering head shot, smiling Well-groomed, minimal make-up & jewelry Professional attire (interview appropriate) Use professional photographer Retail Portrait Studios
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  • What If They Ask? What do you do if a current or prospective employer asks for access? Know Your Rights Ask for a Waiver If Job Requires Security Clearance, Compliance is Probably Best Know your rights. Ask for a waiver, and ask them to sign a form stating that they will be held liable for anything that happens. If its a job that requires security clearance, ask for the waiver, sign it and just let them do what they are going to do.
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  • Resources for Creating a Positive Online Presence Personal Branding / Professional Branding ml m your-personal-brand/2/ Job Search Privacy Checks Presence Management Chores could-do-every-day/ Hot Topics In Pre-employment Screening screening-part-ii Use Social Media Tutorials
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  • Visit the Career Planning Center Talk to a Career Counselor for help with: Identifying your professional strengths Developing your professional brand Developing your elevator pitch Overcoming online mistakes that have hurt your career How to maintain a professional image while going to school Find resources to help with online activity & career success : Research career information Resume writing tools Online programs and databases Setting up a LinkedIn account Developing networking skills


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