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  1. 1. According to Cesar Milan, the Canine Cafe would be open 24 hours a day if it were up to your dog. Yes, dogs love to eat. But they face many of the same consequences from poor eating habits that humans do, including obesity, joint pain, and diabetes. Use several factors to determine the correct amount of food for your dog and consider a supplement like those evaluated on the NuVet Labs reviews page.
  2. 2. In determining the right amount to serve your adult dog, consider the following factors: His Activity Level: The more your dog runs and plays, the more calories hell need to fuel his energy. Working dogs, like cattle or assistance dogs, also encounter higher levels of stress, requiring more energy. The ASPCA estimates that a dog with a moderate level job requires 40 percent more energy than a non-working dog, while a high level work load can require up to 70 percent more.
  3. 3. His Age: Older dogs tend to be less active and therefore require fewer calories to maintain their optimum weight. Although any dog with nutritional deficiencies may benefit from a supplement like NuVet Plus, age-related issues in senior dogs are often mitigated by Vitamin E and beta-carotene, two antioxidants that NuVet Plus features. Visit the NuVet Plus reviews section to read about success stories of older dogs on this supplement.
  4. 4. His Ideal Weight: Again, your vet can help you determine the target weight for your dog based on breed, age and size. Generally, if your dog is active and maintaining his weight, its a good bet that hes eating the right amount. Several websites offer dog food calculators that determine how much you should feed your dog based on weight, age, breed and the food itself. One formula to determine the daily calories your dog needs is to multiply his weight in kilograms by 30 and then add 70. Use the resulting number to portion his food based on the calories per cup listed on the packaging.
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