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<ol><li> 1. NuVet Labs Reviews : Tips for Successfully Bathing Your Dog Bathing your pooch can be quite an experience! Some dogs dont seem to mind the water experience while others are trying to make a run for it as soon as they suspect a bath is in their future. Either way, bathing your dog is essential for their overall health and well-being and these five tips may help make bath time a pleasant experience for the both of you. 1. Avoid Water in the Eyes, Ears, and Face This is a factor for many reasons. Water in a dogs eyes or ears can lead to infections and irritation. Its best to wet a washcloth with water and wipe down the face area thoroughly to avoid any problems. Additionally, dogs can begin to panic when water is poured over their face which can lead to them jumping around causing a possible injury. 2. Soap Select a moisturizing soap intended for dogs. Make sure the shampoo is specifically for your pooch and not for people or dishes - these soaps should be used only for people and dishes. An oatmeal shampoo is always a good option to consider. Avoid using soaps with harsh chemicals as these can be drying to skin and cause unnecessary irritation for your furry friend. 3. Follow Instructions Make sure you read and follow the instructions on the shampoo bottle that you have selected. This is especially important if you are using a medicated shampoo or a flea shampoo. Improper use or leaving these shampoos on too long can cause irritation and wreck havoc on a dogs skin. 4. Rinse Thoroughly This may seem obvious, however rinsing a dog can be tricky. Make sure you rinse all the way through the fur. Dense coats on dogs can make rinsing a bit tedious, so its best to rinse with clean water and make sure all of the soap is off. Residual soap can cause itching and irritation for your four-legged friend. </li><li> 2. 5. Towel Dry First Towel drying really well can help save a lot of drying time for you. Thicker coats can hold more water so using a towel, go over your dogs fur several times. When blow drying your pup, remember to not hold blower to close and keep the temperature down - if its too hot it can cause burning or injury to the skin. Moving the blower often, thoroughly dry your dog. For fluffy dogs, brush as you dry to decrease drying time. Proper grooming and bathing is directly related to skin health. Just as you care for dogs nutritional health, you should also look at bathing as a healthy habit for your pet. NuVet Labs supplemental products may also help keep your canine healthy. NuVet reviews are in and customers using NuVet Labs supplements are pleased with the results they see with their pets. Read these NuVet Labs reviews and find out which supplement is a fit for your dog. </li></ol>