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  • 1.Think Before you Eat!Think Before you Eat! Eating Right.Eating Right. What are you eating?What are you eating? Mmmmm????Mmmmm???? The importance of making healthy balancedThe importance of making healthy balanced choices!choices! Avoiding excessive consumptionAvoiding excessive consumption

2. Nutrients that have Calories: A calorie is a unit of measure for the energy in food. Proteins Carbohydrates Fats 3. Calorie SourcesCalorie Sources C a r b o h y d r a t e s P r o t e i n F a t A l c o h o l C a l o r i e s : e n e r g y o u r b o d y u s e s ProteinProtein 44 CarbohydrateCarbohydrate 44 FatFat 99 AlcoholAlcohol 77 A calorie from one source has exactly the same energy as a calorie from another source Nutrient Calories per Gram 4. Variables which affect nutrient needs: 1. Age 2. Gender 3. Activity Level 4. Climate 5. Health 5. What is an RDA?What is an RDA? Recommended Dietary AllowancesRecommended Dietary Allowances The amounts of essential nutrients believed to be adequate to meet theThe amounts of essential nutrients believed to be adequate to meet the known nutritional needs of practically all healthy persons.known nutritional needs of practically all healthy persons. These are revised about every five years by:These are revised about every five years by: the Board of the National Academy of Sciences National Researchthe Board of the National Academy of Sciences National Research US RDAs US Food and Drug Administration sets Recommended Daily Allowances Some nutrients do not have RDAs but have an impact on our health 6. Daily Calcium RequirementsDaily Calcium Requirements Boys Calcium mg Girls Calcium mg 12 15 yrs 1200 12 - 15 yrs 1000 16 18 yrs 1000 16 18 yrs 800 7. Sources of CalciumSources of Calcium Food/BeverageFood/Beverage Milk: full creamMilk: full cream Skim MilkSkim Milk Modified Milk (Hi-Lo)Modified Milk (Hi-Lo) Yoghurt , plainYoghurt , plain Cheese, cheddarCheese, cheddar Ice-creamIce-cream CreamCream ButterButter Fish CookedFish Cooked Salmon,Salmon, canned with bonescanned with bones Sardines,Sardines, cannedcanned Egg, oneEgg, one TofuTofu BreadBread Vegetables, cookedVegetables, cooked Serve SizeServe Size 1 cup1 cup 200g200g 20 gm20 gm 150 ml150 ml 1 tablespoon1 tablespoon 100 gm100 gm 100 gm100 gm 100 gm100 gm 55 gm55 gm 3 oz3 oz 1 slice1 slice 100 gm100 gm Calcium MGCalcium MG 280280 290290 340340 380380 150150 100100 1212 22 2525 9595 500500 2525 130130 1010 2525 8. What effects calcium absorption?What effects calcium absorption? SaltSalt Too much ProteinToo much Protein SmokingSmoking AlcoholAlcohol 9. Trends in CarbohydrateTrends in Carbohydrate ConsumptionConsumption 0 20 40 60 80 100 C A R B O H Y D R A T E S SIMPLE COMPLEX 1910 1950 1980 P E R C E N T 65% 35% 50% 50% 45% 55% 10. The Importance of Dietary Fiber ! 11. Dietary Fiber: The ONLY 100% proven benefit. Dietary Fiber keeps you regular by adding bulk to the intestinal contents. High fiber = less constipation. 12. Sources of Fiber 13. HWHW Debates!Debates! 14. Debate TopicsDebate Topics 1.1. Milk is good for you.Milk is good for you. 2.2. We should eat a vegetarian diet.We should eat a vegetarian diet. 3.3. We should use sweeteners instead ofWe should use sweeteners instead of sugar.sugar. 4.4. We should eat only Organic foods!We should eat only Organic foods! 5.5. Low/No carb diets are good for yourLow/No carb diets are good for your