nursery decor for the upcoming baby =)

Download Nursery decor for the upcoming baby =)

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DESCRIPTION An old guest room can be transformed into a warm yet sweet peaceful yet neat and eco-friendly – baby's room. Decorate it with Baby Naturale’s great finds, stuffs that make your Baby’s room more creative beddings, colorful storage bins, frame set and window valance and more!


  • 1.Expectant Moms and Dadsare surely excited to seetheir babies for the firsttime.

2. They are definitelyexcited to care and bringtheir baby home and to itsnursery room. 3. And because Mom and Dadlove him/her so much, theywant to give the best care and attention to all theaspects of parenting. 4. And one common preparation for the upcoming baby is his/her Nursery Room. Of course,magical nursery decor is amust too! 5. With that in mind,BabyNaturale ensures toprovide all the bestquality nursery decor in the market today. 6. Maya Mobile 7. Maya Musical Mobile:stripe print twill border,dot print percale center, dot print slide cover, 5 plush velour bears. 8. Ages: Birth to 5 months Attaches to most cribs Mobile Dimensionsapproximately 18" tall x 20" wide Encourage eye- tracking and sound- perception skills while listening to BrahmsLullaby Adult assemblyand operation required. 9. Maya Hamper Set 10. Trend Labs Maya Hamper Set is a decorativesolution for quick clean up. The polka dot print body with stripe printouter flap easily attaches to the collapsible pine woodframe 11. The fashionable color palette of bubblegum pink, chocolate brown,caramel and white makethis hamper suitable for any room of the house. 12. Max Window Valance 13. Tab top window valance53" x 15". 100% cotton twill stripe print, 100% cottonpercale dot print, 100% polyester solids. 14. Max Stripe Mod Chairw/Ottoman 15. Max Stripe Mod Chairw/Ottoman Chair Dimensions: 19H x 18W x18D Ottoman Dimensions: 12 x 9 x 5 1 per carton 16. Max Stripe 3 PcFabric Storage Bins 17. Keep your nursery neat, organized andfashionable with thisMax/Prep School BlueStripe Storage Bin Set byTrend Lab. 18. Set includes three bins of different sizes that feature a stripe print in sky blue, chocolatebrown, caramel and white. 19. All these great nurserydecor are made withcraftsmanship and style.Choose fromBaByNaturalescollection!