North america fuel additives market is expected to reach $8,100 million by 2017

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North America Fuel Additives Market provides pictorial methodology along with detailed sizing by capturing all dependent markets


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    North America Fuel Additives Market is Expected to Reach $8,100 Million by 2017

    The growing trend of improving fuel efficiency and stringent environmental regulations, are

    contributing to the growth of the fuel additives market.

    Fuel additives are chemicals, which are added to various fuels such

    as gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, kerosene, and so on, in order to enhance

    their performance. Fuel additives are also responsible for reducing

    the corrosion effects caused by fuels and improving the combustion

    properties of fuels. Additives, when added to any fuel, provide

    economies of scale in the long run, but, in the short run, these

    escalate the overall cost of the fuel products.

    The various fuel additive types include deposit controllers, cetane

    improvers, fuel dyes and markers, antioxidants, cold flow

    improvers, corrosion inhibitors, lubricity improvers, anti icing, and

    octane improvers, among others.

    There are several benefits associated with the use of fuel additives.

    One of the main advantages has to do with engine performance.

    With some fuel oil additives, the product is claimed to boost the

    octane level of the gasoline, providing the engine with more power from the same amount of gas.

    The end result is the ability to travel further on gas infused with additives than would be possible


    Engine maintenance is another common benefit cited by the supporters of fuel additives. With

    these types of enhancement products, the focus is on preventing the buildup of sludge and other

    deposits in different areas of the engine. Because there is less buildup in the lines and many of

    the moving parts on the motor, less stress is placed on the engine during operation, effectively

    prolonging the life of the vehicle.

    The fuel additives market is witnessing an increase in demand due to the increasing consumption

    of ultra-low-sulfur diesel (ULSD), which requires more dosing of additives. Though the gasoline

    consumption has experienced a dip worldwide, the unleaded gasoline used now-a-days requires

    more dosing of additives than the regular gasoline. Better and improved aviation fuel also

    requires heavy dosing of additives.

    Key players in this

    market are ADCO

    Global Inc., ACE


    Enterprise Co., Ltd.,



    Abhitech Energycon

    Limited, Afton

    Chemical Corp. and

    other companies.

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    The fuel additives market is estimated to grow from $5,740.0 million in 2014 to $8,100 million

    by 2017, at a CAGR of 7.1%, from 2014 to 2019. The market is expected to reach $2,310.1

    million in Asia-Pacific by 2019, at a CAGR of 8.03% from 2014 to 2019.

    By 2019, North America is projected to lose its current position in the ranking and also a chunk

    of its present share to become number two with 28.01% market share. Europe will be confined to

    the third position with 24.2% market share. North America will have a consumption of 59.4 KT

    by 2019 at a growth rate of 2.40% from 2014 to 2019 and a market value of $297.4 million, at a

    CAGR of 5.71%, from 2014 to 2019.

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    Asia-Pacific Fuel Additives Market:

    Asia-Pacific will have the fastest CAGR during the next five

    years, primarily due to the increase in fuel consumption. North

    America will have a market of $2269.3 million by 2019, at a

    growth rate of 7.06% from 2014 to 2019, due to the effect of the

    stricter environmental regulations imposed by EIA.

    Asia-Pacific is the global engine of economic growth and is

    expected to contribute more than 45% of the global energy-

    related CO2 emissions by 2030, and an estimated 60% by the

    year 2100. However, there are encouraging signs like voluntary

    pledges by 10 countries to reduce their emissions by 2020.

    North America will

    have a market of

    $2269.3 million by 2019,

    at a growth rate of

    7.06% from 2014 to


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    Middle East and Africa Fuel Additives Market:

    The African & Middle Eastern markets are likely to be better for

    the fuel additives market due to the significant growth in fuel

    demand in the transport sector in the region. Due to the

    development of the South American economies, the fuel additives

    market also experiences overall growth in the market size. The

    MEA region is expected to have a growth rate of 6.69% from

    2014 to 2019, to reach $136.1 million by 2019 by value, and 26.7

    KT in terms of volume by 2019, at a CAGR of 3.39%.


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    The MEA region is

    expected to have a

    growth rate of 6.69%

    from 2014 to 2019, to

    reach $136.1 million by