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The Noah Bike Trail is 89-mile circular route set through much of Northern Limestone County and Eastern Lauderdale County Alabama perfect for driving or biking. Set on county roads, this trail provides you access to several communities, historic churches and cemeteries, other trail options, and a chance to enjoy the foothills of Appalachia in Northern Alabama.


Alabama Vctcrans Muscum & ArchivcsA| bike |roiI #1.GPS: 34.80188, 8.PPZZP8Honors velerons wllh dlsploys ol memoroblllo lrom lhe Revolullonory Vor lo lhe presenl. lhe museum, locoled on Vesl Pryor Slreel, ls housed ln lhe old L & M Rollrood lrelghl depol, whlch wos bulll ln 1P28. Cpen MSo P o.m.2 p.m. Conlocl: 2ZZ1ZZ8, www.olobomoveleronsmuseum.comAlabama Wclcomc Ccntcr8ike |roiI #14.GPS: 34.P3P08, 8.8P88PHome ol lhe Solurn 1B Rockel, Vlelnom, Koreon ond VVll Memorlols. Conlocl: 242338P1, or 1800Alobomo.Athcns Statc 1nivcrsity & Thc Altar oI thc Ncw TcstamcntIeor bike |roiI #2.GPS: 34.80PZ1, 8.PZ2Z2Alobomos oldesl lnslllullon ol hlgher leornlng. lhe moln bulldlng on compus, Founders Holl, wos bulll ln 1842. Locol legend soys lhe bulldlng wos soved lrom burnlng by nlon lroops roldlng Alhens durlng lhe Clvll Vor when lhe college Presldenl produced o leller sold lo hove been wrlllen by Presldenl Abrohom Llncoln. Founders Holl, llsled ln lhe Mollonol Reglsler ol Hlslorlc Ploces, olso houses lhe mo|esllc Allor ol lhe Mew leslomenl woodcorvlng. lhe llleslze corvlngs look 12 yeors lo complele ond deplcl Chrlsl ond Mew leslomenl llgures ond verses corved ln lullpwood. Conlocl: 22338100, www.olhens.eduBig Springs Mcmorial ParkA| bike |roiI #1.GPS: 34.803, 8.PZLocoled |usl oll Beoly Slreel, lhls pork ollers o ployground, duck pond, lennls courls ond povlllon. www.llmesloneporks.comCivil War TrailIeor bike |roiI #2 ord oIorg koiI:-|o-1roiI:.lhls drlvlng,wolklng lroll lours lhe clvll wor hlslorlcol slles ln Llmeslone counly lncludlng lhe Bollle ol Alhens ond lhe Bollle ol Sulphur Creek lreslle [Elkmonl|. www.lourolhens.comHistoric Elkmont8ike |roiI #20.GPS: 34.P28PZ43, 8.PZ38PPSlle ol lhe Clvll Vor Bollle ol Sulphur Creek lreslle. lhls communlly ls now home ol lhe Rolls lo lrolls Volklng lroll, o hlslorlc lroln depol houslng o museum ond llbrory, o lroln coboose ond onllque shops. Conlocl: 22324211Lcggtown CcmctcryMidwoy be|weer bike |roiI #23-24, 0.2 miIe: oll |roiI.Cne ol Llmeslone Counlys oldesl cemelerles ond ls lhe llnol resllng ploce lor Conlederole Velerons ond one ol lhe lomous luskegee Alrmon lrom VVll.Lcntzvillc CcmctcryMidwoy be|weer bike |oiI #3 ord #3.Hlslorlc lomlly cemelery dollng bock lo lhe eorly 1800s.Limcstonc County Canoc/Kayak TrailLr|ry poir|: reor bike |roiI #: 23, 38 ord 39.lhe beoulllul Elk Rlver ls lhe perlecl ploce lor conoelng ond koyoklng ln Llmeslone Counly. lhe woler ls chollenglng ond lhe scenery ls beoulllul. lhere ore llve slles lor eosy ln ond oul olong lhe rlver. Conoe,koyok renlols ovolloble.Ncw Gardcn CcmctcryMidwoy be|weer bike |roiI #11 ord #12, 0.4 miIe: oll |roiI.Cne ol lhe oldesl cemelerles ln Llmeslone Counly wllh groves dollng bock lo lhe 1800s.Richard Martin Rails-to-TrailsLr|ry poir|: reor bike |roiI #: , 11, 20 ord 18.Locoled ln Elkmonl, lhls 10.2 mlle lroll ollers o bocklonolure gelowoy lor hlkers, blkers, |oggers, blrd wolchers, horsebock rlders, os well os sludenls, nolurollsls, ond hlslorlons. ll ls occesslble lo wheelcholrs. [Mo molorlzed vehlcles.| Accesslble ol Velo 34.P412 8.P1P2, Elkmonl 34.P28PZ43 8.PZ38PP or Plney Chopel Rood 34.043 8.810.Walnut Grovc ChurchFo:| bike |roiI #23, 1.3 miIe: oll |roiI vio Iegg|owr kood.Cne ol lhe slles on lhe Glory Rood Hlslorlc Churches lroll. lhe bulldlng wos erecled ond lhe church eslobllshed ln 18Z. lhls smoll whlle lrome church ls lruly o beoulllul church ln lhe vole locoled ln lhe Legglown communlly.Wcllncss ParkA| bike |roiI #44.llmeslonecounlyporks.comlhe pork ls locoled on Vesl Voshlnglon Slreel ond ollers wolklng ondblklng lrolls,lllness slollonsond o group povlllon.Poinrs of nrcrcsrBikc Trail CPS Cooruinarcs & lcvarions '03#OORDINATE %LEV1. Beat] 8treet 84.8O8-8O-9O7 (8tartj 7252. East Pr]or 8treet 84.8OO-8O.9O7 7443. west Pr]or 84.8OO-8O.988 7444. Hine 8treet 84.82O-8O.982 7815. Edgewood 8treet 84.848-87.OO1 7O16. 8ewell 8treet 84.848-8O.978 7987. Pine] Chapel Road (Restroomsj 84.848-8O.9O9 8OO8. Pine] Chapel Road 84.854-8O.988 7879. Elkton Road 84.87O-8O.921 82O10. Care] Road (Civil war Trailj 84.88O-8O.9O9 79811. Ha]s Nill Road 84.989-8O.991 87912. Upper Ft. Hampton 84.949-8O.894 98113. Elkton Road 84.97O-8O.887 98514. 8hiple] Hollow Road 84.957-8O.945 88915. Pettusville Road 84.971-8O.944 91216. 8pence Cave Road 84.994-8O,.974 O5O17. Cave Branch Road 84.994-8O.988 O7518. Veto Road (Restroomj 84.994-8O.988 78119. Veto Road 84.982-8O.972 82820. Downtown Elkmont (Restroom, food, etc.j 84.929-8O.989 88821. Upper Ft. Hampton Road 84.929-8O.989 88O22. Norris Road 84.91O-87.O41 OOO23. Easter Ferr] Road 84.941-87.118 81O24. 8alem/Ninor Hill Road 84.988-87.114 82O '03#OORDINATE %LEV25. west 8chool House Road 84.988-87.122 78O26. west limestone 8chool House Road 84.984-87.124 8OO27. Hw]. 99 84.981-87.122 8O728. Cotton Belt Road 84.878-87.145 74129. Cairo Hollow Road 84.88O-87.158 81O30. 8tinnet Hollow Road 84.9OO-87.175 78731. Nar] Davis Hollow Road 84.921-87.195 88932. Flannagan Road 84.878-87.17O 8OO33. Romine Road 84.8O9-87.17O 74434. Upper 8nake Road 84.859-87.2O4 77435. Temperance 0ak 84.844-87-181 O1836. lentzville Road 84.85O-87.122 59837. Elk River Nills Road 84.84O-87.115 58838. 8portsman Park (restroom, air, food, etc.j 84.844-87.1OO 79839. Baker Hill Road 84.821-87.O99 75740. hew Cut Road 84.821-87.O89 74441. 7-Nile Post Road 84.8OO-87.O89 75142. 0uinn Road 84.8O5-87.OO1 78743. west Hooos 8treet 84.8O5-8O.988 78844. Hine 8treet 84.8OO-8O.988 78445. west washington 8treet 84.8O2-8O.971 78846. Narion 8treet 84.8O2-8O.971 74447. Narket 8treet 84.8O8-8O.97O (Endj 784 Do not honk your horn at bicyclists. They may be startled and lose control. Use extra caution when passing bicycles. Move entirely into the left lane; on a two-lane road, do not pass a bicycle if oncoming traffic is near. Bicyclists might swerve to avoid road hazards. Common road hazards for bicyclists are potholes, debris, drainage grates, railroad tracks and narrow bridges. Be careful when opening your vehicle door. Road widths often force bicyclists to ride close to parked vehicles where they may be injured by an opening door. When in doubt, yield to bicycles. Always wear a helmet. Ride on the right. Ride in the right lane, except when passing another vehicle, preparing for a left turn, or avoiding hazards. Never ride against traffic. Always ride with the flow of traffic. Obey traffic signs and signals. Use hand signals to advise motorists you plan to turn, change lanes or stop. Make eye contact with motorists. Never assume a motorist sees you or that you have the right- of-way. Expect the unexpected such as: parked vehicles pulling into traffic; vehicle doors opening into your path; and debris on the road. At night use a headlight, taillight and reflectors. Under Alabama law, bicycles have a right to use Alabama's roads. Under Alabama law, bicyclists must follow the same rules of the road as motorists. Every person operating a bicycle upon a roadway shall ride as near to the right side of the roadway as practicable, exercising due care when passing a standing vehicle or one proceeding in the same direction. Persons riding bicycles upon a roadway shall not ride more than two abreast except on paths or parts of roadways set aside for the exclusive use of bicycles. Wherever a usable path for bicycles has been provided adjacent to a roadway, bicycle riders shall use such path and shall not use the roadway. Under Alabama law, all operators and passengers who are under 16 years of age are to wear approved protective bicycle helmets, and all bicycle passengers who weigh less than 40 pounds or are less than 40 inches in height to be seated in separate restraining seats.(Alabama bicycle laws listing is for refrence purposes only. Please confirm with local or state law enforcement officials for the latest bicycle laws.jSafcry Tips for MororisrsSafcry Tips for BicyclisrsAlalama Bicyclisrs aws10 20 30 40 0 50 60 70 80D|stance (m||4005006007008009001,0001,100E|evat|on (ft|Printed in U.S.A. 10-10/30M351351XI7354XI7361XI7365XI7#/&&-!.

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