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Manufacturer: Cantifix Product: Dormer Windows, Sky-Frame Doors & PureGlaze Pivot Doors Full Story: Page 22 Visit:

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Front Cover photograph kindly supplied by Bespoke Fireplaces Designs. Bespoke Fireplace Designs work closely with architects, designers and builders, and offer the complete solution from concept through design, to manufacture and installation. - Full story on pages 17

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www.guilhemeustache.comTitle: FOBE HOUSE (A filmmakers House) Location: Tassoultante, Marrakech, Morocco Architect: Guilhem EUSTACHE

Once you cross through the metal gate, you are suddenly plunged into a strange world. Three white steles frame and seek the longitudinal axis of the house in the center of the field. On the right side, the Guard house, two mixed cubes, is close to a totem pole fireplace and faces the double garage all in length studded with small openings. These simple elements articulate the vacuum around and focus the eye towards the house itself.

For many years I regularly visited Morocco. From the first trip I was bewitched by that country and the three projects studied to date are certainly fed, to varying degrees, by all the images and impressions gathered during my stays.

Architect Guilhem Eustache says he finds his inspiration in the work of a architects, painters, sculptors, conceptual artists or filmmakers of all periods and all schools, especially the detail of the paintings by Giorgio de Chirico, the discovery of the Jantar Mantar [observatories] at Jaipur, constructed by Maharajah Jai Singh II of Jaipur between 1727 and 1734 and the long tracking shots by filmmaker Orson Welles. Hes demonstrated the influence of all three at his recently completed Fobe Home, 10 miles south of Marrakesh, Morocco. I find it difficult to establish precisely, for this project, where and whenit refers to such or such painter or architect work, says Guilhem Thats whyIm always surprised when an architecture journalist accurately established similarities between my work and that of such artist. His biggest challenge lay in defining the program with his client, a Belgian producer and director who originally planned to build three houses there. The project gradually shrank to include the smallest of the three. The other two are to be built elsewhere. The landscape is mostly drowned under a heat veil that hides the horizon. It is only from December to March that the snowy Atlas Mountains appears. With this modest building (1800 square feet of living space)

Guilhem positioned the main building at the centre of the 2.5 hectares site.Large heights, flowing and open spaces, a play on shadow and light. Guilhem doubled the walls to help deal with the climate, creating room high-rise and sun protections. Each region and country deserves architectural answers, adapted in line with requirements climatic, cultural and economic conditions, says Guilhem. Guilhem used local materials and techniques like clay, tadelack, Pierre de Ourika. Also they planted 23 olive trees, 10 palm, 450 eucalyptus, 200 mimosa and 20 fruit trees, but trying not to undermine the wildness of the land. Two parallel concrete sails create a noise and visual barrier to the west. A steep stairway stands between the two walls, rising to a rooftop terrace that gives way to a spectacular view to the south.


ISSUE 5 2012

ISSUE 5 2012




www.isgplc.comTitle: ISG Wins Ultimate BCO Accolade Location: London Company: ISG Photographs: Richard Bryant/ Robertson complete 110 million hospital in Aberdeen Location: Aberdeen Architect: Robertson

ISGs fit out of K&L Gates offices at One New Change, Cheapside in Central London, has received the ultimate industry accolade after not only securing the British Council for Offices (BCO) National Award for Best Fit Out of Workplace but also scooping the Best of the Best prize. At a glittering annual awards ceremony attended by more than 1,000 guests, K&L Gates and ISG, alongside Washington DC-based architects LSM and the projects consultant team, received the news that the fit out had been officially recognised at the UKs best of the best office-based developments. To secure this major achievement ISGs project beat off stiff competition from national winners across seven categories, including Heron Tower, the BBCs Media City in Manchester, Fort Dunlop in Birmingham and the 7 More London development. Paul Cossell, managing director of ISG Fit Out, commented: K&L Gates offices at One New Change provide a stunning example of how the architectural features of a building can be maximised and enhanced to deliver a workplace that is both productive and aesthetic. Receiving the ultimate industry recognition for the hard work and collaborative working practices of all our project delivery partners is an outstanding result and firmly places ISG at the top of our industry.

www.fabricarchitecture.comTitle: New Landmark Riverfront Canopy Location: Owensboro, Ohio, USA Company: Fabric Architecture Limited

The City of Owensboro has been developing the Riverfront over the past 10 years, making it a cultural hub for tourism. At the end of the walkway to the river is an overlook area featuring a landmark fan-shaped tensile fabric structure. Integrated atop a stage area, this dynamic structure was designed as a performance shelter. The tensile fabric structure, with its heavy steel framework and vast canopy, was installed just on the edge of the river. To do this, Fabric Architectures specialist in-house Engineers engineered part of the river wall to support the structure. In addition to engineering challenges, getting the design right was crucial. The process involved several iterations, ensuring the structure complemented the bridge in the background. Working in coordination with the architect, the design result is a barrel vaulted canopy measuring 52 x 28.This custom canopy soars 33 feet above the edge of the river. Five steel masts support the cantilevered structure offering free-span space for summer concerts and activities. The iconic canopy is one of the highlights of the riverfront redevelopment.

A 110million state-of-the-art emergency care centre, one of the largest in Europe, has been completed on time and is on track to bring new health services to people living in Grampian and the surrounding areas. Marking the culmination of a three year construction project by Robertson, the infrastructure, support services and construction group, the new centre has been delivered on time and within budget due to the modern and innovative project management and build techniques. Robertson introduced a number of innovative measures to the construction process which includes a technique which has never been done before in the UK on this scale. Hundreds of service modules which contain equipment for the supply and distribution of mains services such as water, electricity, waste disposal and air conditioning were pre-fitted to modular frames which also incorporated the plasterboard partition elements above the ceiling. This removed the need for electricians and other tradesmen to work in a confined space saving time and money. A logistics company was also used to manage deliveries. Usually expensive materials are

stored in a secure unit on site or within the building while under construction. But with the vast quantity of building materials including more than 30,000 items of specialist equipment this would have been impossible. Instead Robertson had all the materials and equipment, including 500 miles of wire and 50 miles of pipe, delivered on a just-in-time basis. Following the successful completion, the company have now been contracted to lead on the redevelopment of two adjacent hospital buildings, which currently occupy inpatient facilities and operating theatres. The 21million project starts on site in December 2012 and is due for completion in August 2014.


ISSUE 5 2012

ISSUE 5 2012




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