ng 273 may not be just a dream for insomnia

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  • Inpharma 1538 - 20 May 2006

    NG 273 may not be just a dream forinsomnia

    According to the results of a phase II trial, NG 273*substantially reduces the time to onset of persistentsleep in patients with transient insomnia.

    In this multicentre study, 369 such patients wererandomised to receive 1mg (n = 73), 3mg (69), 10mg(72) or 20mg (71) doses of NG 273, or placebo, prior toassessment of Latency to Persistent Sleep (LPS) using asingle-night, validated model of transient insomnia.

    The time taken to fall asleep, as defined by LPS, wassignificantly reduced with all doses of NG 273,compared with placebo. The durations of LPS were 17.8,10.6, 7.8 and 6.6 minutes for the 1mg, 3mg, 10mg and20mg doses of NG 273, respectively; all weresignificantly shorter than the 30.8 minutes for placebo.These results equated to 42%, 65%, 75% and 79%improvements for these doses, relative to placebo.NG 273 was well tolerated.* Neurogen Corporation; phase II for insomnia in the US

    Avalon Pharmaceuticals Inc. Avalon Pharmaceuticals Reports First Quarter 2006Results. Media Release : 10 May 2006. Available from: URL: 809063561


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