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This Is a TitleWorkflowsNew Google Feature: URL TaggerStep 1: Select Campaign Management in Property in Google Analytics -> AdminStep 2: Select New CampaignStep 3: Choose a Campaign NameHelpful Hint: Choosing a Campaign NameThink long term with your naming convention. You could have a lot of tracked campaigns eventually within Google Analytics so be as descriptive as you can and be sure to include: PlatformPurposeDuration*Note: Once you give your campaign a name, the only option you have is to delete it. The name cannot be changed, so name wisely.6Simply select from list, or use Other if your choice is not on the list. (Note to Google Analytics product team: Give us the option to be able to add our own sources and medium ... Bing Ads have not been called Adcenter since I dont know how long).Helpful Hint: Choosing a Campaign NamePlatform7What is the campaign designed to achieve? Could be remarketing, brand awareness, direct response. When you are looking at reports, it will be easier to filter based on purpose than something non-descript.Helpful Tip: Choosing a Campaign NamePurpose8This is more of a freeform. If you are running remarketing campaigns, it could be the recency of visit or duration someone stays on a list. Your mileage will vary greatly, but think through the implications of this. Helpful Tip: Choosing a Campaign NameDuration9Step 3: Choose a Campaign Name, continuedStep 4: Enter Campaign InformationStep 4: Enter Campaign InformationStep 4: Enter Campaign InformationStep 5: UTM ID Created!Helpful Tip: Opting for Google Shortened URLsIf you opt for shortened URLs, here is a ninja trick you can do (also applies to links):If you grab a full URL like the one shown below and put a + at the end, you will be taken to the page below which will show referrers, browsers, countries, platforms and clicks. Use this as a super cool way to spy on competitors, so it might be something that eventually gets taken away. Snoop while you can!Helpful Tip: Opting for Google Shortened URLsHelpful Tip: Opting for Google Shortened URLsWhat do you think of this new Google feature?Let us know via social media: @jimbanks or @igotgroove