netronics wireless solutions for video surveillance

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Netronics Wireless Solutions for Video Surveillance Slide 2 2 Video Surveillance Market Post 9/11, video surveillance is becoming an integral part of most security projects, and more common than before Slide 3 3 Video Surveillance Market Solutions becoming more demanding, covering all types of locations and terrains, high quality of video and applications Slide 4 4 Video Surveillance Market Transmission networks receive high focus in quality projects Slide 5 5 Netronics Solution Wireless Video Surveillance without Boundaries Netronics provides leading wireless transmission solutions for quality video surveillance projects The Right Products The Best Cost Structure Worldwide Experience Slide 6 6 Video Surveillance Market Market Size 2007201320082009201020112012 Slide 7 7 Video Surveillance Market Market Size 2007201320082009201020112012 $4.5B $46B Expected to grow from $4.5B in 2007 to $46B by 2013 *ABI Research, June 2008 Slide 8 8 Video Surveillance Market Market Size 2007201320082009201020112012 Growth is stable through the financial crisis Financial crisis * IMS Research, Nov 2008 Slide 9 9 Video Surveillance Market Verticals Many verticals with different requirements and solution types Slide 10 10 Video Surveillance Market Technology Evolving to IP-based cameras, higher resolution and frame- rates, advanced video analytics Slide 11 11 Video Surveillance Projects Types City surveillance (low scale) Enterprise Campuses Plants Gas stations ATMs Low-endHigh-end City surveillance (high scale) Border control Railways security Gas/Oil pipeline security Facilities Airports, seaports Traffic surveillance Slide 12 12 High-End Video Surveillance Video applications require high resolution and high quality: High Capacity - Mega-Pixel cameras consuming high bandwidth Advanced Applications - License-plate or face recognition (e.g. as an applicable evidence in court) Real Time - Focused alerts, maximum information for manned patrols Mission-critical - No tolerance for system downtime or quality degradation Requires higher capacity for video streaming, and higher robustness and reliability of the wireless transport infrastructure Slide 13 13 Why Wireless Transport? Border ControlRemote Facilities No cabling through walls, trenching for fiber between buildings, or drilling holes for cables in buildings. Low deployment and operational costs (CAPEX & OPEX) Flexible and dynamic network topology, locations of cameras, and network expansion City Surveillance Slide 14 14 Netronics Wireless Transport Network for Video Surveillance In high quality projects Netronics PtP solution fits best: Dedicated high-capacity BW per camera Robust and high quality radio link Flexible and scalable architecture Simple to install and maintain Affordable Slide 15 15 Netronics Wireless Transport Network for Video Surveillance Slide 16 16 Netronics Solution Overview Netronics Provides Broadband Wireless Solutions Variety of sub-6 GHz frequency bands OFDM technology enables operation in near/non line-of-sight Point-to-Point & unique Multiple Point-to-Point architectures Netronics Network Management System (RNMS) to easily control a complex network Suitable for access and backhaul in diverse scenarios Max Throughput (Mbps)Max Range (Km)Freq. (GHz)Channel BW (MHz) 2 full duplex202.4, 5.85 5 (5 uplink, 2 downlink)202.4, 4.9-65/10/20 18 full duplex802.4, 4.9-65/10/20 50 full duplex1202.4, 4.9-620 Slide 17 17 What Projects Fit Best for Netronics Solution ? High-End City Surveillance Projects Require high capacity per camera, dedicated robust link per camera Wide Area Projects e.g. borders, pipelines, railways, remote utilities Projects That Require Access and Backhaul Netronics is a one-stop-shop with a deep portfolio Slide 18 18 City Surveillance Scenarios Slide 19 19 City Surveillance Scenarios Bypass obstacles, reach remote sites Slide 20 20 City Surveillance Scenarios Aggregate several cameras Slide 21 21 City Surveillance Scenarios High Resolution Camera Slide 22 22 Case Study Safe City Argentina Municipal project, aimed to increase security in public places, monitor traffic, prevent vandalism, violence, crime, littering, and protect water facilities 40 cameras (of 1.5 Mbps) are wireless (several dozens more are wired) Multiple Point-to-Point Architecture, Hub site located at the control center Slide 23 23 Case Study Sacred Site Security West bank, Palestine Video surveillance and security applications, securing residents and visitors in a historic site, in a sensitive area Netronics provides real-time, high-quality transmission of video streams from cameras installed throughout compound Seamless operation in extremely challenging environment (nLOS, rough mountain terrain, interferences) Slide 24 24 Wide Area Scenarios Gas/Oil Pipelines Protection Slide 25 25 Wide Area Scenarios Gas/Oil Pipelines Protection Cascading Topology Ring Topology a link is down, other cameras can still reach the control center Slide 26 26 Case Study - Utility Surveillance Customer: Water Company Data & Video transmission of water levels to Water NOC (telemetry) Enable utility company to operate an Early-Warning System to alert local agricultural community to natural events that could result in floods. Real-time data and video transmission for mission-critical application Connects sites as far as 71 Km apart Operates at high altitude where other equipment failed (4611 m) Slide 27 27 Case Study - Electricity Substations Surveillance Customer: Power Grid, Power transmission Each site is covered by several IP cameras, aggregated traffic is sent via Netronics link to the control center Multiple Point-to-Point architecture, using collocated radios in central Hub sites High-quality, real time video transmission 24x7 Slide 28 28 Wide Area Scenarios Transportation/Railways Security Slide 29 29 Case Study Traffic control A large-scale Traffic Surveillance & Emergency Response project in Canada Transmitting high quality video from cameras installed along highways to Traffic Control Centers throughout the city Netronics robust systems were deployed in record time, and are operating flawlessly even in extreme temperatures of 30 degrees below Slide 30 30 Traffic surveillance along highways. Netronics systems transmit high- quality video from Highway to Traffic Control Centers Netronics provides wireless access to camera sites, and backhauling from local to central headquarters Low power consumption enables operation on solar power Case Study - Highway Surveillance Slide 31 31 Case Study - Highway Surveillance Continued Systems enable traffic monitoring and fast response to highway incidents High quality, real-time video transmission 24x7 Systems operate in interference conditions (pirate radio stations in area) Better pricing structure than competing solutions Slide 32 32 Wide Area Scenarios Border Protection Slide 33 33 Case Study Border Control Customer: Defense Forces Video surveillance along the border in long conflicted borders Netronics provides wireless access to camera sites, and backhauling from local to central headquarters Requirements included TDM interfaces, high capacity, long ranges, extreme environmental conditions Slide 34 34 Summary Netronics Solution Reliable & Robust High Capacity Long RangesFlexible & Scalable Simple Cost Effective Mission-critical, one problematic camera will not degrade other cameras Dedicated bandwidth per camera Support high-capacity consuming cameras Work in nLOS scenarios Slide 35 35 Summary Netronics Solution Reliable & Robust High Capacity Long RangesFlexible & Scalable Simple Cost Effective Variety of capacities, suitable for camera sites and backhaul Slide 36 36 Summary Netronics Solution Reliable & Robust High Capacity Long Ranges Flexible & Scalable Simple Cost Effective suitable both for in-city short ranges and wide area long ranges Slide 37 37 Summary Netronics Solution Reliable & Robust High Capacity Long RangesFlexible & Scalable Simple Cost Effective Optional topologies: star, ring, daisy-chain, cascading Support 4.9 GHz (public safety band) and multi-band Support 5/10/20 MHz channel bandwidth, maximum spectrum efficiency and flexibility in radio planning Slide 38 38 Summary Netronics Solution Reliable & Robust High Capacity Long RangesFlexible & Scalable Simple Cost Effective Competitive cost structure Pay as you grow model Reduced CAPEX Slide 39 39 Summary Netronics Solution Reliable & Robust High Capacity Long RangesFlexible & Scalable Simple Cost Effective Simple radio planning, training, installation & maintenance Agnostic to camera and video applications levels Reduced OPEX Slide 40 Thank you Slide 41 41 What is Multiple Point-to-Point ? Single Hub site for multiple collocated radios Dedicated bandwidth per link Synchronized radio transmission reduces mutual interferences Unique architecture by Netronics Slide 42 42 Multiple Point-to-Point Benefits Dedicated Capacity New remote site requires high capacity Receives dedicated bandwidth No implication on service to other sites Slide 43 43 Multiple Point-to-Point Benefits Robustness 43 New remote site near or non line of sight; harsh environment Rate and modulation for that link is reduced Directional Antenna - lower chances for interference to effect a specific link Other links are not effected by the interference