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WWW.NESGLOBALTALENT.COMOUR EXPERIENCE IN BIOTECHNOLOGYCASE STUDY Whether you are looking for a biochemist to adapt an existing product or a complete research team to develop new vaccines and diagnostics, our discipline specific consultants have the knowledge and experience to understand your staffing challenge and find the right candidate for the job.Our Clients ChallengeOur client, an international biotechnology company, was developing a new flu vaccine. Working to extremely tight deadlines, they required at least 50 contractors with a wide range of skillsets within five months. Due to the confidentiality of the project, we were required to conduct full screening and security clearances for every contractor.Our SolutionOur discipline specific consultant met with the hiring manager on site to fully understand our clients requirements and put together a delivery plan. The OutcomeOur biotechnology team sourced and placed 52 contractors, ranging from electrical, mechanical and instrumentation technicians to project managers and process engineers, conducting all the necessary background and security checks within the five month timeframe. For support with your Biotechnology staffing please get in touch with our specialist team: T: +44 161 942 4010 | E: biotechnology@nesglobaltalent.comWWW.NESGLOBALTALENT.COMWWW.NESGLOBALTALENT.COMOUR EXPERIENCE IN APIS AND FINE CHEMICALSCASE STUDY We represent an array of candidates with the API and fine chemicals experience that you need to ensure your projects are successful. Our Clients ChallengeOur client, an international pharmaceuticals company, wanted to produce a new prescription medicine designed to combat high blood pressure by blocking angiotensin receptors. The company required a team of engineers to manage the primary phase of drug manufacture and needed the help of a staffing provider who could understand their challenge and put together a project team within an ambitious timeframe.Our SolutionOur team of discipline specific consultants took time to understand the clients need and put together a specialist contract staff hiring plan. This included costing out the recruitment process to ensure appropriate planning and pre-emptive budgeting for the client.The OutcomeWe hired a team of process, commissioning and qualification engineers on behalf of our client within the specified two month timescale, enabling our client to complete the primary pharmaceuticals phase on time and on budget.For support with your APIs and Fine chemicals staffing please get in touch with our specialist team: T: +44 161 942 4010 | E: finechemicals@nesglobaltalent.comWWW.NESGLOBALTALENT.COMOUR EXPERIENCE IN SECONDARY PHARMACEUTICALSCASE STUDY To ensure your final product is of the highest possible standard, you need people with specialist technical and engineering skills in the secondary pharmaceutical sector. Our clients work on the final stages of production in pharmaceutical goods sold around the world. We have experience in placing candidates across disciplines including technical engineering, scientific and projects working on combining pharmaceutical ingredients to make the final product.Our Clients ChallengeOur client, an engineering consultancy, had recently implemented a number of new manufacturing lines and was required to validate them. However, the company did not have the necessary internal expertise so needed the support of a manpower provider with a good understanding of the process to ensure they were hiring the necessary professionals.Our SolutionWith experience of hiring validation engineers on pharmaceutical projects around the world, we implemented a project direct hire solution to find our client the talent they required.The OutcomeWe sourced and placed 20 validation engineers within three months, ensuring the project remained on schedule.For support with your secondary pharmaceutical staffing please get in touch with our specialist team: T: +44 161 942 4010 | E: secondarypharmaceuticals@nesglobaltalent.comFor support with your Life Science staffing please get in touch with our specialist team: T: +44 161 942 4010 | E: lifesciences@nesglobaltalent.comWWW.NESGLOBALTALENT.COMBAKER HUGHES RPO CASE STUDY2013 - PRESENTOur Clients ChallengeBaker Hughes required 175+ personnel, in 2014 but were looking to reduce overall spend across the business.Our SolutionWe dedicated a team of 3 consultants to support the 70 man Baker Hughes global team. NES successfully engaged with Hiring Managers through roadshows, meet and greets and internal presentations to produce strong adherence to the recruitment process. We also introduced the adoption and widespread use of university and career fairs for hiring candidates.The OutcomeBaker Hughes have reduced their agency spend by over 50% within the last 12 months and seen a 35% reduction in Time to Hire in that same time period. Their project is now fully staffed and we continue to work with them on other requirements.WWW.NESGLOBALTALENT.COMPROJECT RECRUITMENT H1N1 FLU VACCINECASE STUDY Our Clients ChallengeOur Client required a solution to a very high profile project. They were one of 5 facilities selected globally to produce and manufacture a high volume of the H1N1 flu vaccine to release to market in a very short timeframe.To achieve this they identified that they required hiring more than 50 manufacturing and production staff at all levels, from operators through to operational management.Our SolutionNES produced a timetable and strategy on how we could produce such numbers in a 3 month timescale to ensure their targets were met.We sourced 52 different types of engineers, worked them through the interview process, security checks and clearances (including verification of passports) and also helped the individuals to get inducted onto site.The OutcomeThis project was completed within the strict time period and came in under budget. We continue to work with the Client fulfilling their recruitment needs.For support with your Life Science staffing please get in touch with our specialist team: T: +44 161 942 4010 | E: