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Students took photographs during a nature walk and wrote descriptions


  • Project Write 2010 Arts Academy at Benjamin Rush Nature Walk Photos

In the day, shining bright, the river shimmers in morning light, surrounded by green with patterns so bright,the river is a beautiful sight!(Allysa) A ripe, wild, secret hidden by dense underbrush, will only be revealed when the light kisses the small,sun sweet berry of Earth. ( Zeehan) Unusual fungus on the tree reminded me of sea shells.Although we were in a woodsy area, this showed beautyand age of the tree itself.( Madison) This picture depicts asoothingcalm mood that iscreated by the stream.The trash, rocks,and water blend well together.(Adrienne) This chosen photo defines what nature truly can be.In my opinion, it's a very peaceful, serene image showingtrue beauty.(Tom) Yesterday, we all had the privilege of snappingphotos ofNature in the woods.This tree trunk makes a frame for the plant life.(Chris) In my photo this lush green area includes a streamthat travels under a bridge with kids enjoyingthe bright sunny spot.(Julian) In this bright picture, the wood on the ground and texture of the log are clear enough to see layers of fungus.(Alexis) While at the creek today I took a photographs of branchescoveredwith webs.This picture shows lifein natures worldincludinga spidershabitat . (Aria)