My name is Connor and this is my story

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  • My name is Connorand this ismy story

    It is often difficult for younger childrento understand the concept of adoption.This booklet seeks to make this easier.

    A guideto adoptionfor youngerchildren

  • Connor lived with his family.His mummy was sad becausealthough she loved him, shewasnt able to keep him safe.This made Connor sad too.

  • Connor had a social worker calledPat who took him to live withAlice and Tom for a while.They were foster carers.

  • Connor started to feel happier.It was fun and safe with

    Alice and Tom.

  • Connor still saw his mummy atthe family centre, but sheoften didnt seem happy.

  • Connor knew he could tell Pat ifhe was unhappy or if anyone wasunkind. He also knew he couldask a grown up to write a letter.This helped him feel safe.

  • One day there was ameeting with a lot of people.They thought very hard!

  • They decided that Connor shouldhave a new family where hecould live forever, who couldkeep him safe and happy.

  • They looked very hard forConnors new family.

  • When a family were found,they got to know each otherand then Connor went to livewith them. He was a bit scaredat first, but soon felt ok.

  • Connor missed his old mummy,but his new family said theywould send her letters so shewould know he was happy.

  • When Connor had been with hisnew family for a while, they allwent to court. A very importantperson called a Judge said theycould be a family forever.

    Connor was adopted by them.

  • Connor is now happy with hisnew family, and his friendsand his school. He knowshell be kept safe and

    loved forever!

  • My story is a bitlike Connors!

  • This is my new family.

    Maddy contributed in the design of this booklet (2015).

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