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2. HISTORY THEN AND NOW The city was founded in 315 BC and it was the second most important city of the Byzantine Empire. In 1917 a huge part of the city was almost completely destroyed by a fire and was later rebuilt. Today Thessaloniki, with its big port, is an important trade and business centre. The city has the biggest university in Greece and the Balkans Aristotle University. It has several museums and theatres, an opera house, many byzantine churches, parks, cinemas and shopping centres. 3. LOCATION Thessaloniki is located in the north in the region of Macedonia. It is the second largest city in Greece and it was named after the sister of Alexander the Great. Its population is about 1.000.000. 4. LANDMARKS The citys most famous landmarks are the White Tower and the Church of Saint Dimitrios. The White Tower It was built by the Ottoman Turks in 1430 and it was used as a fort and a prison. Countless Greeks were executed there by the Ottomans and the tower was given the name Tower of blood or Red Tower. When the Greeks took the city back in 1912 the tower was whitewashed and was given its present name. Today it is a museum and an art gallery. The church of Saint Dimitrios This beautiful church was built in 629 AD and it is devoted to Saint Dimitrios who is the patron saint of the city. 5. LETS GO SIGHTSEEING Thessaloniki has a lot of important archaeological sites. In fact there are 15 sites which are UNESCO world heritage sites. These include the Eptapirgion in the old town, the Rotonda, the Arch of Galerius, the ruins of a Roman palace and lots more. 6. ARISTOTELOUS SQUARE Located in the city centre, it is a meeting point for people who want to enjoy their frap (cold coffee) in one of the numerous cafs 7. FOOD Thessaloniki is famous for its good food. In the morning most people start the day by eating koulouri or bougatsa. For dinner there is a big variety of restaurants but the best choice is a traditional taverna with live music. These small restaurants serve local dishes and they are located in narrow streets in the centre of the city. 8. Thessaloniki is the fifth best party city in the world not only because of its numerous bars and clubs, but mainly because of its friendly and open-hearted people. A FUN CITY