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  1. 1. Photo Analysis
  2. 2. Front Cover: Photo I decided to use I have used this particular picture as my main image for my front cover. I choose to use this image because it tells the audience a lot about the type of magazine it is just from looking at the main image. This image shows a large amount of seriousness. It represents a famous rapper and song writer called professor green, who Ross (the person I the image) looks a lot alike. It helps show that the target audience is of at a older teenage audience rather than a happy jolly younger generation of teenagers and kids. A placed these two tattoos on the neck of Ross to make it look even more effective and more like professor green. I have also changed the contrast and brightness so that it fits in with the background.
  3. 3. Front Cover: Photos I decided to not useI decided not to use this particular photo because itshows a lack of masculine compared to the photo Idid use. The celebrity my original image is basedupon (professor green) is a very series character anthis image does not show much seriousness.I decided not to use this particular photo because ofthe angle in which Ross is stood. His head is also tiltedto the side which would not have suited my front coverand its style and layout.
  4. 4. Contents Page: Photos I decided to useI choose to use this particular photo because Kieran(the guy in the picture) looks a lot like the character Iexplained and talked about on my contents page, healso has that same style about him.I choose this particular person because yes he is of thesame ethnicity as the celebrity he is impersonating butit show that my magazine has a variety of ethnicity. I have placed my photo of Kieran on a background with which shows wealth due to the nice weather which shows he is in a nice warm country and a swimming pool which shows he is rich. I have changed the brightness and contrast to make him blend into the background.
  5. 5. Contents Page: More photos I decided to useI decide to use this photo as my second image onmy contents page, it shows another person on thephone and on my contents page I will make it lookas if they are speaking to one another across theworld.I changed the brightness and contrastof my photo image so that it wouldblend into the background.
  6. 6. Contents Page: Photos I decided to not useI have not used this photo on my contents page for anobvious reason it is slightly blurred. Also the angle he isstood does not reflect the stance and style I was intendingto reflect upon.Again this photo is slightly blurry which would not gowell in my magazine.
  7. 7. Double Page Spread: Photos I decided to use I have used this particular photo as my main image on my inside pages. It shows a lot of seriousness with in his facial expression which Ed Sheeran is known for when he sings his songs. He is also at a perfect angel that ha the effect he is looking into a crowd of people. Changing the brightness and contrast of the photo I have given the effect that he is in a darkish place. I have placed a lighting effect on the photo to make it seem as if a spot light I coming down on him showing how series he is.
  8. 8. Double Page Spread: Photos I decided to use This specific photo I did use in my double page spread but wasnt my main image. The main reason for using this photo was because it shows the talent of the artist because he not only singing but paying the guitar as well. This cover line was mainly for the image of Ed Sheeran playing the guitar.Here is the little This picture here wassection where the used to show the artistimages and the from another angle.cover line are puttogether.
  9. 9. Double Page Spread: Photos I decided not to use I decided not use this photo for an obvious reason, he as red eye. The angle in which the photo is taken is pretty good because it is though he is looking at a crowd. This photo is very good to be my main double page spread image but unfortunately he is looking in the wrong direction due to the fact I wanted my main image on the left hand side page. If I had of decided to re arrange my double page spread then maybe this photo would have been used.