MusclePharm Debuts at The Arnold ... Arnold Schwarzenegger Blueprint by ... Blueprint to Mass Stack, ... launch of The Arnold Schwarzenegger™ Blueprint at leading up to the

Download MusclePharm Debuts at The Arnold ...  Arnold Schwarzenegger Blueprint by ... Blueprint to Mass Stack, ... launch of The Arnold Schwarzenegger™ Blueprint at   leading up to the

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February 27, 2014The Arnold Schwarzenegger Blueprint byMusclePharm Debuts atBodyBuilding.comProgram Features Exclusive Videos and Training Tips From Arnold;MusclePharm Launches the Arnold Schwarzenegger Series:Blueprint to Mass Stack, a Five-Product Regimen to Promote MuscleGainDENVER, CO -- (Marketwired) -- 02/27/14 -- MusclePharm Corporation (OTCQB: MSLP), aleading international, award-winning sports nutrition company, today announced thelaunch of The Arnold Schwarzenegger Blueprint at leading up to theannual Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus, Ohio from Feb. 27 - March 2, 2014.The Blueprint Program includes an intense and integrated eight-week workout andnutrition plan, as well as an extensive look at Arnold's philosophy on training, motivationand nutrition for the next generation of bodybuilders. The Blueprint Program also features aseries of exclusive videos from Arnold that detail his vast knowledge of the sport andprovide a roadmap and historical context on achieving fitness goals."In Austria, I bought a Weider magazine because I saw Reg Park on the cover, and I wasinspired by his physique. As I read the article, about his training, his championships, hismove from bodybuilding to movies, and his business success, immediately saw my futurelaid out in front of me. It became my blueprint -- not just for my bodybuilding goals, but formy life," Schwarzenegger said. "By sharing my own integrated nutrition and trainingprogram, my aim is to now inspire the next generation of athletes and bodybuilders tomaximize their own potential.""This is a unique and unbelievable opportunity to tap into Arnold's incredible breadth oftraining and nutrition knowledge, providing a one-of-a-kind experience for those just gettingstarted in fitness as well as experienced bodybuilders," said Brad Pyatt, chairman andCEO of MusclePharm.Additionally, the MusclePharm Sports Science Institute created a supplement regimen thatincorporates Arnold's nutrition and fitness program. The regimen, ArnoldSchwarzenegger Series: Blueprint to Mass Stack, is a five-product combination to muscle gain, including:Arnold Schwarzenegger Series Iron Mass, 5 Lbs., a lean mass weight gain powderthat includes healthy fats, complex carbohydrates and high-quality protein forbuilding lean massArnold Schwarzenegger Series Iron Pack, 30 Packs, a daily multi-vitamin pack thatincludes six unique performance blends for overall health and wellnessArnold Schwarzenegger Series Iron Pump, 30 Servings, a concentrated creatine-freepre-workout powder that delivers a strong and clean energy boost to maximizestrength and lean mass gainsArnold Schwarzenegger Series Iron CRE3, 30 Servings, a creatine powder withrapid absorption to support muscle growth and increased strengthArnold Schwarzenegger Series Iron Dream, 30 Servings, a concentrated nighttimesupport and recovery powder for enhanced deep sleep to promote muscle growthTo learn more about The Arnold Schwarzenegger Blueprint program, please visit: MusclePharmMusclePharm is a leading international, award-winning sports nutrition company offeringvitamins and nutritional supplements which are available in more than 110 countries andavailable in 35,000+ retail outlets, including, Costco, Dick's SportingGoods, 24 Hour Fitness, Walgreens, Bally's, GNC, Vitamin Shoppe and Vitamin World.The company's brands are MusclePharm, Arnold Schwarzenegger Series, andFitMiss. The comprehensive lines of clinically-proven, safe and effective nutritionalsupplements are developed through a six-stage research process that utilizes the expertiseof leading nutritional scientists, doctors and universities. For more information, Follow the company at and Sheldon/Evan Pondel PondelWilkinson Inc. (310) 279-5980Email ContactSource: MusclePharm Corporation Arnold Schwarzenegger Blueprint by MusclePharm Debuts at BodyBuilding.comProgram Features Exclusive Videos and Training Tips From Arnold; MusclePharm Launches the Arnold Schwarzenegger Series: Blueprint to Mass Stack, a Five-Product Regimen to Promote Muscle Gain


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