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Facebook Timeline: The Hidden Implications, a webinar from the Social@Ogilvy Australia team, moderated by Mumbrella and sponsored by GoToWebinar.


  • 1.Sponsored by: Welcome to our Free Webinar The Hidden Opportunities ofFacebook TimelineListen to audio over your computer speakers or headphones, or phone in toll-free on:Australia: 1800 903 061 | New Zealand: 0800 45 2198 Access Code: 352-221-262We will begin at approximately 1pm Australian EST

2. Meet your Moderator Tim BurrowesFounder / Editor-in-Chief @Mumbrella 3. How to Interact todayRaise your virtual hand up to askan audio question at the endType your comments and questions here throughoutType question here#FBTL 4. Meet Your PresentersBrian GiesenMitch PhillipsRegional Director Senior Digital AnalystSocial@Ogilvy Social@Ogilvy@bdgiesen@mitch_phillips 5. Facebook Timeline for BrandsThe Changes, and the Hidden Implications22 May 2012 6. Twitter Hashtag#FBTL6 7. Poll question:Would you purchaseshares in FB? 7 8. Our Agenda TodayFacebook has recently Which features matter What are the hiddenpushed Timeline for brands. most? implications for teams?8 9. 11.3 million Number of Australians That Visit Facebook Each Month8.12 hours Time Spent on Facebook Each MonthSOURCE: Source: Nielsen Online Ratings March 2012 10. Each of us has our ownPersonal Message Shield10 11. We increasingly get news We spend more time on And the average Facebookand information via ourFacebook than on Google user generates 90 piecesSocial Networksof content every monthSource: ComScore MediaMetrix, Citi Investment Research and Analysis Source: Facebook Statistics11 12. We take our socialBy 2014, more people will Over 35% of Facebook useconnections with us access the internet via a comes via a mobile deviceeverywheremobile device than viaa PCSource: InSite Consulting 12 13. Brands that useSocial Media well,can deliver valueacross their businessand pass through thePersonal MessageShield13 14. Poll question:How Are You UsingFacebook?14 15. A quick rundown of the newfeature set 16. Page = Mission Control Branded cover photo (851x315) and profile pic (125X125) allow for maximum creativity Applications and tabs appear as favorites beneath cover photo as thumbnails. You select four to display. Friends of user that Pinned posts keep like the page features at top of page for 7 days Timeline automatically inserts geo-targeted posts for fans in that16 country/city 17. Page = Mission ControlReach Generatorpremium advertisingoption will enableFan postspromotion of aaggregated in aspecific post into 50%separate streamof fans newsfeeds orsponsored storyareas. Will reachfans via mobile aswell as desktop.Browse page historychronologicallyAbility to post contentin full page width box Fanta is a Social@Ogilvy client. 17 18. What impact willthese changesreally have on mystrategy and myteam? 19. 1.Timeline invites Obvious Impact Hidden Implicationbrands to play The ability to postdate content will add a Telling a brand history is the(creatively) in anew layer of depth to brand stories andobvious application of timeline, butvisually appealing,by extension, user engagement. the creative arms race will bechronological space.reinvigorated as top brands out-do Content will continue to be viewed ineach other with inventive timeline Newsfeeds, but if well executed, it will uses. hook friends in to a much larger, more intensive Facebook experience back on the brands home page. 19 20. Brand HistoryCoke is telling their rich brandhistory chronologically 20 21. Character HistoryCaptain Morgan USA goesway back to recreate the storyof Admiral Sir Henry Morgan. 21 22. GamificationFanta invites friends to findlost characters locked in theirtimeline.22 23. Brand VisionThe New York Times bringsarchives to life throughhistorical time pieces23 24. 2.Timeline raises theObvious ImpactHidden Implicationcreative bar, andThe cover photo and nested profileHistorically, many brands re-usedcreative investment. picture say it all its time to call in the content from other platforms as filler creative cavalry. Creatives will start to for Facebook posts. Brands who play a much larger role in Facebook are fully adopting a unique timeline strategy, as well as asset development. strategy will need to recalibrate levels of investment in creative direction and resources in order to develop Facebook timeline content.24 25. Page Layout Timeline Layout25 26. Importance of theCover Photo 500% More Time Spent Viewing Cover Photos Than Profile PicturesBefore Timeline After Timeline Source: Mashable Study by EyeTrackShop26 27. #1: Tourism AustraliaURL: 27 28. #2: Milo A&NZURL: 29. #3: KLMURL: 30. #4: Ben & Jerrys AustraliaURL: 30 31. #5: Lenovo A&NZURL: 32. #6: Louis VuittonURL: 32 33. #7: McGrath Foundation URL: 33 34. #8: Essendon FCURL: 34 35. #9: Triple J URL: 35 36. 3.Its all about Obvious Impact Hidden Implicationstorytelling The new emphasis on multimedia The community management storytelling will force brands away from calendar process will need to be text-dominated updates towards morerevisited to accommodate text creative expression. Day in day outeditorial and high volumes of production will require teams to augment multimedia. This will impact high quality multimedia with faster, timelines, review cycles and brand cheaper, more nimble forms of content. teams involved in the process. 36 37. The New ConversationCalendarPhoto: Courtesy Facebook Australia Emphasis: Emphasis: Monthly planning Quarterly planning Text-based updates (w/occassional photo) Telling stories through text & multimedia Run primarily by one person Collaborative effort 37 38. Capture the MomentNike collects consumergenerated #makeitcountphotos submitted via socialmedia and brings them to lifeon Facebook, and inNIKETOWN New York.38 39. 4.Reach Generator will Obvious Impact Hidden Implicationmake brand posts With Reach Generator, brands withReach Generator will literallywork harder with 50k+ fans and a post frequency of 7-14Xpromote an entire post as an in-existing fans. a week can promote entire posts in fan newsfeed promoted ad. This newsfeeds or sponsored story area with means the job of community a guaranteed reach of 50 75%* of manager expands to include media fans. More eyeballs from those who planning/deployment as well as already like your brand should meanposting and moderation. more engagement and more sharing.*Existing brand posts reach an estimated 16% of current fans 39 40. Reach Generator40 41. 5.A new collaborativeObvious ImpactHidden Implicationownership model is The new ad model combined with proper Who owns your page? Whoimportant to success community management allows your page manages it? Now that Timeline to be set up to become a storytelling allows your brands page to become narrative that can be on 24/7/365 witha true integrated paid/earned incredible reach beyond traditional media channel, its important to have paid impressions.and earned experts in place working in tandem to take advantage of this new landscape.41 42. Eight Ingredients That Make aGreat Community Manager 2.01. Strong Creative2. Media Planning Know-How3. Nimble Content Creator4. Good communication/social skills5. Has passion for the brand6. Relatable7. Void of ego8. Has a round-the-clock mentality9. Desire to help10. Strong PR Skills 43. Poll question:What Do You See asthe Biggest ChallengeAssociated With the Changes43 44. Learn MoreFacebook: and prepared by: Brian Giesen Digital Director Email: Twitter. @bdgiesen Mitch Phillips Senior Digital Analyst Email. Twitter. @mitch_phillips 44 45. Q&AType your commentsType question here and questions here 46. great3Reasons to fill out the exit surveyReceive the Handout Slides from1 todays webinar presentersRequest a free trial of Citrix GoMeeting2 or GoToWebinar for online pitches,presentations and events made easyAccess a special GoTo subscription3 offer First 2 Months Free before 31 May 47. Q&AType your commentsType question here and questions here 48. Thank you for (and Interacting)Todays webinar brought to you by: Online Meetings & Webinars Made Easy For a free trial and to learn more: Australia: 1800 451 485 New Zealand: 0800 42 Do connect with todays guest speakers:Brian Giesen @bdgiesenMitch Phillips @mitch_phillips#FBTL