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  • Multi-Lock High Security Locks

    The benefits of having a good high security lock in Brooklyn, NY are numerous but some locks that are high security offer more then others one brand that is exceptional is the multi lock brand of high security locks.

    Basic cylinders and locks are good and service a purpose but when you want to protect yourself and the ones that you love you need to go high security.

    The Benefits of a high security lock.

    For starters they are more difficult to break. This means that there is only one drill point as opposed to a basic lock that can have 2 or more. Second is the pinning. The pins are what prevents the locks from turning with just any set of keys and makes the lock work only with one key.

    Next average cylinders can be picked fairly easy but high security cylinders have made lock picking almost impossible leaving the only method of entry as forced entry meaning the lock must be broken which will give you evidence of an intrusion before you enter. This is important because if you do not know that your lock is broken then the intruder can still be inside leaving you at great risk.

    Average cylinders can be bumped to open. This means that a dummy key can be made that will open your door. The reason why it is called a bump key is because a hammer is needed to bump the key. When hit with the proper amount of force, the dummy key will spin the cylinder and it will open.

    Multi-Lock cylinders and high security locks as well as products do away with the ability of cylinder or lock manipulation and focus on quality multi tiered pinning methods to prevent this from happening. For starters multi locks have a pinning structure that rests pins inside of larger pins what this does is it makes the lock impossible to manipulate.

    Key Restriction has been the focus of all High Security locks as it disables the ability to make unauthorized copies of keys without the proper identification card. The card has two sets of codes and they are what is needed to duplicate a key. Without this code the locksmith cannot make a copy of the key.

  • For residential purposes Multi-Lock has a bunch h of nice products such as the classic, which follows the initial construction of Multi lock and the herculer, which added an extra extension of security in the form of a disc on the key, which activated a mechanism in the lock also making it more difficult to manipulate. Now they are working with a new product called the mt5. This offers more security with keys, but because the key machine is so expensive few locksmiths have the ability to make these keys and therefore it would be difficult to make copies.

    Most burglaries that I have seen as a Locksmith Brooklyn are random and are caused by people walking into buildings with lock picks or bump keys and going after any apartment or house that looks like it can be an easy target. Time and noise are what a burglar can do with out and they are trying to be quiet and go unnoticed then they definitely will not want to target a home with a Multi-Lock.