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Walt Whitmans Ladder


Previous. . .There was a king of the name Satrjit,

Within the jurisdiction of Dvrak-dhma.First, accept the eternal nature of KRSNA.This book will be always your God.Then accept that relation as individual,Every pea is unique in the pod.Krsna, has no other servant like you, to do your special job.

And you can grow, improve your service, more and more, acquire special tools, associates

Lordy, first we have an antagonist, A foil to Krsnas bright smile.Then we have a theater, Dvaraka, Where the drama will start in a while.CC di 5.42-43:There [in the spiritual sky] the personal feature of Balarma called Mah-sakaraa is the shelter of the spiritual energy. He is the primary cause, the cause of all causes.One variety of the pastimes of the spiritual energy is described as pure goodness [viuddha-sattva]. It comprises all the abodes of Vaikuha.Hare KrsnaHareRama

Lord Balarama, Rama, Hare Krsna/Hare Rama,Manifests Sri Dvaraka Dhama.There well join the pastimes of Sri Sri Radha-Shyama.

Although Ka later asked for this Syamantaka jewel, King Satrjit did not deliver itThis is an example of a less intelligent person worshiping a material thing.

The word materialistmeans one concerned with gratification of the senses within this material worldKB 56: The Story of the Syamantaka JewelKB 48: Ka Pleases His DevoteesAs stated in the Vedic versions, the Supreme Personality of Godhead has multipotencies. According to expert opinion, Kubj represents thebh-aktipotency of Ka, just as rmat Rdhr represents Hiscit-aktipotency.Although Kubj requested Ka to remain with her for some days, Ka politely impressed upon her that it was not possible for Him to stay.Ka visits this material world occasionally, whereas His connection with the spiritual world is eternal. Ka is always present either in the Vaikuha planets or in the Goloka Vndvana planet.The technical term of His presence in the spiritual world isaprakaa-ll.

To worship Ka or have association with Him is not very easy. Specifically, there is a warning for devotees attracted to Ka through conjugal love: it is not good for them to desire sense gratification by direct association with Ka.

My dear Lord, I certainly promise to only eat Prasadam, but I do ask that whatever Prasadam I have be of good quality.It is interesting that our story, a place to chant the Names, starts with the contrasting materialist and the Bhauma-lila Dhama.Is it that we are mixed devotees, like King Satrajit, allowed to join ISKCON feasts, but we have to be careful to go beyond just relief.Next. . .mu4-Back to Goathead