motorcycle helmets-positive & negative aspects

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Motorcycle Helmets – Positive & Negative Aspects

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Motorcycle helmet is really a great gear for make the ride safe and comfortable, but wearing helmets has some problems too. Check this great presentation to know those problems. If you are interested to know more about this, please visit


  • Motorcycle Helmets Positive & Negative Aspects
  • Importance of Wearing Motorcycle Helmets Helmet is one of the most crucial protective gears that is a must to wear for every biker. In fact, every biker who wants to keep safe and alert while riding should wear motorcycle helmets Several surveys stated that helmets can play a vital role not only to save lives, but also to dramatically reduce the amount of injuries suffered to the head, face and neck in the event of severe accidents.
  • Importance of Wearing Motorcycle Helmets In fact some studies showed that motorcyclists who ride with helmets have around 60% more likelihood of saving their lives than that of those who aren't wear any helmets. Motorcycle helmets are specially designed to drastically reduce the impact, crushing and friction damage and thus protect the head, neck and face too. Though the construction, type and design vary from helmet to helmet, but all of them serve the primary purpose i.e. protecting the bikers head from severe injury.
  • Importance of Wearing Motorcycle Helmets Though numerous styles of motorcycle helmets are available in Motorradhelme shops, but helmets are basically of these five types: 1. Beanie/Puddin Bowl Helmets 2. Half Helmets 3. or Open-Face Helmets 4. Full-Face Helmets 5. Flip-Up Helmets All these come with unique features and benefits, so bikers have to choose their desired helmets matching their requirements and the benefits come with the helmets.
  • Motorcycle Helmets For riders convenience, I am hear going to share the key positive and negative aspects that come with each type of motorcycle helmets. After reading this presentation, I hope you will definitely be able to choose the most appropriate hochwertige Motorradhelme for you as you will get to know all the positive and negative aspects of each helmet today.
  • Beanie/Puddin Bowl Helmet Benefits Protects the top of the head Very easy to put on and take off Never obscure or block peripheral vision Perfectly fit with a rebel, bad boy, cruiser look Probably the cheapest motorcycle helmet available in the
  • Beanie/Puddin Bowl Helmet Problems Doesnt offer sufficient protection for any other area of head except the top. Cant keep the rain, bugs, debris, insects etc out from anywhere other than the top of the head. Doesnt cover ears, so outside noise could be a severe problem. Many of these helmets arent even DOT approved!!!
  • Half Helmet - Benefits Provides more protection than wearing a beanie or puddin helmet Effectively protect the top and side of the head Usually cheaper than full face or motorcycle helmets. Doesnt block peripheral vision or obstruct hearing. Some also come with ear protectors to cover ears.
  • Half Helmet - Problems Cant provide sufficient protection for ears, face, chin, nose, neck and eye area. Unable to keep the wind, bugs, debris, rain, etc out from anywhere other than the top of the head. Since this helmet doesnt cover ears, so outside noise could be harmful to the ears.
  • or Open-Face Helmet - Benefits Comparatively cheaper than buying a full face helmet Offers protection for head, neck, eyes and ears. Doesnt block or obscure peripheral or side to side vision Greatly balances between convenience and protection.
  • or Open-Face Helmet Problems Unable to provide sufficient protection for face, nose, teeth and chin in the event of an accident. Can somewhat keep the rain, dust, bugs, debri s, etc. out from face and eyes, but not as much as a full face helmet. Muffle outside noises as it covers the ears
  • Full Face Helmet - Benefits Offers the maximum protection from a crash and from the surroundings. Great design which doesnt create obstacles or block peripheral vision Fully protects the face, head, ears, neck, chin. Keeps the bikers protect from raindrops, bugs, debris, insects, etc.
  • Full Face Helmet - Problems Quit difficult to put on and take off as compared with beanie/puddin bowl helmets or half helmets. Can be an inconvenience for riders who wear glasses, as this helmet doesnt have enough spaces to put the helmet on while wearing glasses. These helmets usually cost higher than any other helmets.
  • Flip Up Helmet - Benefits Offers the utmost protection than any other types of motorcycle helmets. These helmets are designed in such way to not block or obstacles peripheral vision Enhance riders vision on the road Eliminates many drawbacks that normal full face helmets have Provides full protection for the face, neck, chin, ears, eyes and head.
  • Flip Up Helmet - Problems Often more expensive than having a volles Gesicht Motorradhelme May not be as good as full face helmet in the event of a crash as the chin may come open as impact of the crash. Most recent technology, so its effectiveness is still somewhat questionable.
  • Motorcycle Helmets Though all kinds of helmets have somewhat limitations or drawbacks, but any of these five categories will definitely match with a rider. Besides, motorcycle helmet manufacturers continuously improving their products quality to give the best to the riders. Although there are a few problems of wearing helmets, but still it is the most crucial protective gears which could save bikers lives in the event of accident. So if you are a passionate rider and want to ride safely, then go to your nearest motorradbekleidung shops and grab yours!!
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